September 11 2001 Never forget

Where were you on September 11 2001?

September 11 2001 is a day that changed everything, not just in the United States of America but in the entire world. The Twin Towers attack on 9-11-2001, followed by the Pentagon and United 93 is something we must NEVER FORGET!

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Where were you on September 11 2001?

I was working at Creative Catalog Concepts, a publishing company in Orange City, Florida. I was on the phone with Bobby Susser from New Hope Records, discussing a custom job we were doing for him.

As I sat there on the phone, one of our Graphic Artists went into our “Break Area” and turned on the TV. I could see this from my desk and thought it was unusual since it was so early in the day.

Then several other employees gathered and sounded alarmed so I asked Bobby to hold while I went to see what happened. The first plane, American Airlines Flight 11, had crashed into the North Tower.

I got back on the phone with Bobby and told him what had happened and we ended the call. Then I stood there with the others and we watched in horror as the second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, crashed into the South Tower on live TV. Stunned and shocked we could not believe our eyes, panic was setting in as we knew that this was not an accident.

Shortly after that I called my husband, who works for an airline, and that was when he told me of the unprecedented grounding of all flights in the United States of America!


Then we heard about the other two flights – American Airlines Flight 77 and United 93. The knowledge that this was an attack on the USA was prevalent in our minds and we all could not believe this was happening!!

The rest of the day was spent not doing a whole lot of anything except crying, watching the news and wondering what was next. No one wanted to work, the whole day was surreal and the skies were eerily silent.

Always remember 9/11

I will never forget what happened on September 11th. My heart still aches for those who perished, those who lost loved ones and the brave Americans who dealt with this in their personal lives.

Each story, each thought and memory of the 9/11 attacks will keep those who perished and those who suffered alive in our hearts and minds.

Please share your story and NEVER FORGET September 11 2001!

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  1. On Sept 11, 2001, I had just started a new job at Sprint in New Jersey. Sprint, like most phone companies in that area, had signal towers on top of the one of the Twin Towers. Back in those days, people were not routinely connected to the internet 24/7, so when the signal from the cell tower went out, no one was aware of the planes, and it was treated like a normal outage. When someone heard about the planes via a call from home, several people rushed over to a nearby gym that had TV sets, and then rushed back to tell the rest of us what had happened. By 11 AM, we were all sent home both because nobody was doing any work anyway, and because our management was concerned that the next plane strike would be (for some unaccountable reason) on our office building in Bedminster, NJ. I spent the rest of the day calling around and driving around trying to ascertain if all of my friends who worked in New York were okay (they were), and did not actually see the horrifying videos until the evening. One of my friends was on the last PATH train that pulled into the station and was immediately evacuated onto the street. Another worked in one of the buildings across the street from which they could see the people jumping. Even now, living in another part of the country, I still feel that there were two 9/11 experiences — that of the people who watched a national tragedy unfold on television, and that of the people in the local area who experienced it in person.

    Last year, for the 10th anniversary, I was asked by an artist friend to create a piece and write a comment for a tribute website. Here is a link to that website:
    Rather than write something about the day the Towers fell, which everyone was doing, I decided to write about the first time I ever saw them, which was when they were still under construction. As magnificent as they looked from afar, there was never anything like coming upon those enormous structures at ground level.

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