What Happened to the Etsy Front Page?

I know I am not the only person selling on Etsy who wonders what happened to the Etsy Front Page, where is the featured Etsy Treasury and what is the incentive to continue making an Etsy Treasury?

I had lots of questions ❓ and not many answers, so did a little digging in the Etsy Forums and came up with some information to share for those of you who have questions too.

What Happened to the Etsy Front Page

The link above is a thread that has a lot of discussion in the Etsy Forums about the changes. I am just thankful that I still have my Etsy Shop banner and they haven’t done anymore messing around with individual Etsy Shop layouts.

New Etsy Front Page Feed

New and Improved Etsy Front Page

The new Etsy Front Page has a continuous feed of items that they think you might like, based on your favorite items and favorite sellers.

They mention that treasuries may surface on the front page, and I believe that means when you or your favorite sellers make or favorite a treasury, then it shows up as a small image along with the mix of other items.

They say it’s “A New More Democratic Homepage”.  😯 Really? What if I want a Republican or Independent homepage? That reference totally leaves a bad taste in my mouth! But I do see the logic of populating the front page with lots of items (similar to Pinterest) instead of the sixteen items it used to show.


Treasuries are a great marking tool, but now that they won’t be used on the Etsy Front page, I have questions to research for the future,

  1. Why spend an hour or two making a really cool treasury if it doesn’t have the chance to make the front page?
  2. Does that mean I can now make treasuries to market my own products?
  3. What about using more than one item from a shop?
A Crisp Morning Treasury. The one time that I had an item in an Etsy Front Page treasury.

Focusing on teams, friends and themes, the treasury acts like a digital advertising flyer that can be sent anywhere!

So I will continue to use them and appreciate the times I am included in another persons treasury. But gone are the days and the thrill of having your item seen in a treasury on the Etsy Front Page.

I would love to have feedback and comments on this topic!

13 thoughts on “What Happened to the Etsy Front Page?”

  1. Great info. Thanks!! I don’t like the change. I enjoyed the hourly treasuries when on the home page, and saw a difference in stats when my items or treasuries were viewed on the FP. I think this change opens up the debate, why not feature your own item among the treasuries?? I see no harm. In fact, once a year I make a treasury with all 12 of my own items and use it on my own blog during a sale. It should be a tool for the shops, and Etsy.

    1. Etsy has slowly killed every good idea they had and have caused the drop of sales for everyone on this site. They took away all good ways to promote your items and now you have to pay more money to get your items seen. They took away jobs for people who could stay at home and make money by getting rid of the Alchemy page. Now taking away the front page. You are right, why bother making a treasury. I am getting tired of paying to re-list so people can see my items. I can’t afford fancy ads to promote my things. I am be giving up on my Etsy soon, I can’t sell anything on this site.

      1. Rhonda, what was the Alchemy page? I googled it, and all I could find was the Etsy blog entry from January 2011 saying that it was being eliminated. I was not yet an active seller at that point, so I guess I was never aware of it. However, even though I agree that it is sometimes annoying that Etsy eliminates features that we like, it does not seem reasonable to still be blaming something that happened four years ago for poor sales today. Part of the difficulty in selling on Etsy or on any other online venue is that as the economy worsens for some segments of the population, more and more people get the idea that they can make money selling things online. We are competing against more and more sellers, even as the potential buyers have less disposable cash to make impulse purchases.

        1. You hit that right on the head Matthew! Totally agree, it is much more difficult now to compete with wanna be entrepreneurs for what little extra money people have to spend!!

  2. Gari Anne, I think whether people will miss or not miss the old front page depends largely on whether they are online “window shoppers”. I personally never looked at the old home page. I keep tabs on my Etsy friends and teammates directly via my favorite shops and my team forums, if I’m looking to buy a particular thing that I can’t find among my friends and teammates, I use search, and if I want to check on particular trends in Art (my category as a seller), I go directly to the category page. I make treasuries to support my teams, my friends, and the occasional nifty idea, but putting a lot of effort into making a treasury that would please an anonymous Etsy employee enough to put it on the front page for an hour never really seemed like a good use of time to me, nor is mine the kind of high-powered shop or in-demand item that I think would have benefited from an hour on the front page, if anything of mine has ever appeared there, so no, I won’t miss it. (Sorry to be a wet blanket.)

    1. Thanks Matthew, that was what I wanted, just different view points, etc. After the first year I didn’t spend much time making treasuries unless it was for teams or like you said the occasional nifty idea. But with the change it does bring up the idea of using it for self promo!

  3. Making treasuries for me is fun, but I do it strictly as a team promotional tool. However, making one with all my own items is a novel idea, at least for me. Maybe I will try a few with half my own work, half team work. Being an Etsy seller for many years now, I really dislike when Etsy changes stuff.

    1. I know right, Virginia? I haven’t done one with my own items because I always had in the back of my mind that Etsy might like it well enough to put on the front page. But now since that doesn’t matter, making a treasury of compatible items to list here on the blog as an “advertising flyer” is something I am considering.

  4. I’ve never cared much about making treasuries either, but either way, this does just solidify how important it is to never rely on Etsy too much for ANYthing, because they will just change stuff whenever they want. I mean, wow, this is a huge change! There are sellers out there who make treasuries constantly, to try and get on the front page. This totally changes the game; it really lets you know just how powerless you are when it comes to Etsy.

    I think a great idea for promoting our own stuff or things for our team would be making a gallery on a blog like this one, that link back to the product listings on Etsy. At least that way, you’ve got all the SEO benefits (and you’d get tons of pins leading back to your page, too).

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