My calling: making prayer beads and rosaries

It is time to tell this story, believe it or not, about my calling: making Prayer Beads and Rosaries. I truly believe I was called to make Prayer Beads and Rosaries and perhaps others have experienced this same calling. Those who have been called may be able to relate to parts of this story.

Saved from addiction

Many years ago I began a spiritual relationship with God when He saved me from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

I had been raised in the Protestant Church, so I had basic religious instruction, but it didn’t really mean anything to me until I began my recovery and had a specific spiritual experience.

Once I was on the sober path I began opening my mind to seeking and finding out more about God’s purpose for me, learning to ask for direction, and how to listen for His instruction.

This was a very personal relationship that I didn’t share with too many people, I just went about my life in recovery and was blessed to have a renewed interest from childhood in beads and beading as a replacement for my destructive obsessions.

The calling to make prayer beads

Being of an entrepreneurial mindset AND obsessive, I began buying and selling beads and jewelry findings, and also making jewelry to wear and share with family and friends. This became a little side business and pretty successful.

I had a website and an eBay store that provided additional income. I was looking at my website one day and thought:

“what else could I add to my current selections?”

Then out of nowhere a voice in my head quietly and firmly said:

“Prayer Beads”

What a great idea!! But I really knew nothing about Prayer Beads, since they were not used in the churches where I grew up. So I started to learn and educate myself by looking up the different types of prayer beads and how to make them.

Anglican Prayer Beads
Amethyst Anglican prayer bead style rosary

Making Prayer Beads and Rosaries

It took me several years to put this divine idea into action, and even though I still sell beads, and make other types of jewelry, making Rosaries and Christian jewelry pieces are my constant and consistent thoughts.

I would like to say that every set of beads I make are inspired, and maybe in some way they are, but all are meticulously created and infused with my loving intentions.

Christian Earrings
Praying Hands Christian Earrings
Listening to God

I have done much reading and have acquired spiritual knowledge of all kinds from different faiths, and know that God (no matter what name you call Him) is constantly “streaming” out love, guidance and direction to everyone. We have to be tuned to the right “frequency” so to speak, to receive and accept these heavenly “transmissions”.

There is so much “chatter” in our world that blocks out this communication from God, but learning to pray and focus the mind on Him is a good way to start listening.

Prayer and Rosary Beads are a physical and beautiful tool to use for prayer. A reminder of this important way to communicate with and worship our Heavenly Father.

I am sure that I am not alone in this calling, if you also feel like you have been called I hope you will leave a comment below.