Where to find pyramid stones and crystals

Lapis Lazuli Pyramid Stones
Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

Years ago I was at an Intergalactic Bead Show and came upon a vendor selling Pyramid stones and crystals. I was smitten!

I have always been fascinated with the Pyramids of Egypt and there was just something “necessary” about having one made of stone.

I bought a small Lapis Lazuli pyramid (featured above) which sits on my desk, and I recently discovered I could collect more of these Pyramid stones at Healing Crystals.

Below are the choices at the top of my list! Click the picture to learn more about each stone.
Pyramid - Golden Tiger Eye Pyramids

Golden Tiger Eye Pyramid – for its ability to attract spiritual energy yet still keep you grounded. This polished stone is just gorgeous, I have never been a huge fan of Tiger Eye, but I think I have changed my mind!
Pyramid - Amethyst Pyramids
Amethyst Pyramid – Purple is one of my favorite colors and the amethyst is a soothing, powerful and protective stone. It is also the stone used for the February birthstone.

Pyramid - Clear Quartz Pyramids
Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid – to help energize and amplify my creativity.

Leave a comment below about your favorite shape of stone!

Have you re-charged your crystals?

Quartz crystal
Quartz Crystal in the Sun

Have you re-charged your crystals? I am absolutely no expert on Rock or Quartz Crystals, but let me tell you what I know from experience….

I had some Quartz Crystals that were lying around, uncared for and forgotten. I found them and cleaned them up with mild soap and water, bringing back the pure clear color. I know that crystal has energy and I wanted to revitalize them, not for any purpose really except just to honor them. I called a friend who knows more than I do about this subject and she suggested I put them in the sun for several hours and also over night during the last full moon.

After I did this with the crystals, I put them on my desk, and I just realized that I have had the most abundance of creativity EVER since I took some time to care for them and charge them up!! I am thanking the crystals for their help and energy!

crystal stones sunbathing
My crystal stones are sunbathing today!

So I put them back in the sun today since they are probably drained from all the mental clarity they gave me! I also put the little Lapis Lazuli Pyramid with them for company, and a recharge too! If you have some crystals that are stored away, take them out and give them some love – they will return it to you with mental clarity, inspiration and energy!