Beads for men digital magazine article

I was recently contacted by Carolyn Bendall, the editor of Your True Colours, to create a digital magazine article for their June issue.

She was interested in a visual content photo article similar to my earlier blog post about having beads everywhere, only with the focus on beads for men. Perfect for a Father’s Day issue!

It is really easy to come up with pretty beaded jewelry designs for women and girls, but coming up with beaded items for men is sometimes difficult.

Over the years I have created a few things, and this challenge had me brainstorming like mad! I didn’t want to solely focus on mens jewelry so incorporated other items as well.

Digital magazine article Your True Colours, June issue

I am happy to share this article in the June issue of Your True Colours, a digital magazine about true fashion, true lifestyle and true people!

Your True Colours Radio, talk radio show online

June 15th (which is next week) I will also be interviewed during the talk radio show, an on demand feature where you can listen to radio online. 

blogtalk radio show bead lovers
Your True Colours talks with Gari Anne about Bead Lovers Korner

Leave a comment and let me know how you like the article if you listen to the radio show. I would love to have some feedback!

I have beads everywhere, do you?

Not long ago I was driving in my car and realized that I have beads everywhere, and wondered if you do too?

If you are anything like me you are mesmerized by their shape, sparkle, color, texture, etc. Therefore I have them everywhere!

Beads everywhere earview mirror
I have beads everywhere, even in my car hanging from the rearview mirror!

How many places have beads everywhere?

Let’s have some fun! Snap a photo with your camera, smartphone or upload a photo from your computer, and let’s all see just how many unique places have BEADS EVERYWHERE!

The photos below show a few examples of how I have used them to decorate in my daily life! I just can’t seem to go anywhere without having them around, can you?

Beads everywhere car keys
I have beads everywhere, even on my car keys!

I have them in my car, on my car keys and even have beads on an incense bottle in my home! We all love beads so show me your best photo of how you have BEADS EVERYWHERE!

Beads Everywhere home decor
I have beads everywhere, they are great decoration on an incense bottle!

There are a variety of ways to use beads as decoration to add color and character in your home, at work, in your car, and so many other places. The possibilities are really limitless!