Ideas to increase website traffic when selling online

Being an entrepreneur can be a real challenge, coming up with ideas to increase website traffic when selling online is something to constantly think about.

Whether you have an Etsy Store, an Ebay Store or sell your cool handmade gifts at local craft fairs, getting shopper traffic to see your cool stuff is a dilemma.

Last year I made the above chart and shared it on my Facebook Fan page, I revisited the key points to see what might have changed, and wanted to share these results.

Lots of work on

Increase website traffic by building your website

Over the past year I have learned a LOT about blogging, SEO and my Shopsite shopping cart.

I changed my hosting to a company that is a Shopsite expert and upgraded the software to the most current version. This fixed a lot of things that the original ad agency who set up my website did not do correctly, and also made it possible for a few other important things:

  • Mobile browsing with a simple mobile checkout
  • Move blog from Blogspot to Word Press and link to website
  • Insert products into Google Shopping

All of the above improvements have increased the orders on my website from like one or two a month to nearly one a day! I am slowly inserting more and more products, so I expect that number to increase over the next year!

Selling My Cool Stuff outside in the hot sun, no thanks!

Set up at local craft fairs

My opinion hasn’t changed on this, no sense in using my energy to set up tables under the hot Central Florida sun or in a tent so that people can look at my beaded jewelry and say “Oh how pretty, I can make that!”


Put it on Ebay

I made all the changes Ebay wanted last year, and now again this year there are more changes, although not as drastic.

I have decided that the “Variations” option is only good if your product is selling, otherwise the item just sinks lower and lower in search.


I changed many of my titles for the Cassini search engine and I do think that helped somewhat. Even though I don’t spend much time working on the Bead Lovers Korner Ebay Store, Ebay has a lot of traffic and somehow I manage to have a good volume of sales.

List on Etsy

Not much has changed here, I keep a lot of popular items there as well as new handmade creations.

The great things about Etsy are the teams and the awesome tips and ideas they give to you to help you be successful, not to mention the fact that the fees are lower.

I get a fair amount of traffic to the Bead Lovers Korner Etsy Shop, and the sales are steady.


Facebook fan Page

I officially quit giving Facebook any advertising money at the end of last year. I did not see much of a return from the money I spent with them in recent years. I do keep my Bead Lovers Korner facebook page updated, but I am not wasting any more money on advertising there.

Even though I am no longer advertising for likes, etc. I still keep getting new fans, and it is weird because a lot of them are from foreign countries and I can’t even read their names!!

In closing, lots of work on updating and building my own website and blog has proven to be the most beneficial this past year.

Leave a comment and tell us what has helped your online sales!

4 thoughts on “Ideas to increase website traffic when selling online”

  1. Gari Anne, I laughed at your comment about doing craft shows, and people saying “How pretty; I can make that!” That is so true! Every time I think about doing a craft show, I think about the hard work, the heat, the long day, the amount of inventory I’d (hopefully!) need, and having a zillion people touching everything and possibly ruining it. It doesn’t seem worth it! But then, every time I go to one, I think, “I should try selling here!” haha

    I watched a video recently on the Facebook advertising for likes, and they were showing how a lot of those likes you’re buying are fake! I am not sure how true that is, but it sounds like you are having the same issue. I’ll try and find that video for you if you haven’t seen it. I do run ads on Facebook, but I don’t run them for likes, I’ve been doing promoted posts (but not to my own fans; I’ve been promoting specific posts to specific groups of people) and that is working great! It’s getting me likes, too, but mostly, it’s getting people back to my site, and I’m making about 5 sales a day from it. Have you ever tried doing a promoted post?

    1. Staci, Oh yeah, and every now and then I think maybe I should try them again, but then I remember the above, LOL!! Yes, I have seen a couple of videos lately on the fake likes but all of these started happening this year, after I quit the page likes and page post. I haven’t tried the website targeting in a few years and now they have changed everything, so I just signed up to do a test 🙂 We’ll see how that goes…. would be nice to get 5 orders a day on the website alone!

  2. It is in reality a great and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Gari Anne, I love your cartoon up at the top, everything in it is so true! And Staci Ann, your comments are also right on target. I’m not on Facebook, but on many of the other social media sites, you should be careful with paying for likes, faves, pins, etc — on some of those sites, paying for those is actually a violation of the Terms of Service, though I’ve never specifically heard of anyone being kicked off for doing it.

    Your comments about craft fairs (both of you) are particularly funny — I do exactly one fair a year, our local festival on the main street, where my primary goal is to show off to my friends and neighbors, and with luck, at least make back the cost of the booth. I’ve never had anyone say “I can make that” about my collages, but they certainly have said it about my handwovens — my attitude is, that’s fine, let them discover how much the loom costs and they might change their minds!

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