Eleven reasons to be your own boss

Below are my eleven reasons to be your own boss! I worked in the business world for someone else for over twenty years before taking the leap into being self-employed. Although some days I feel like a starving artist, overall these are my top reasons for working for yourself.

  1. I don’t dread Monday anymore. For years it was TGIF and Monday Again, but over the years I began to dread Monday more and more. It started on Sunday, so enjoying the weekend ended up just being Saturday.
  2. Don’t have to punch a time clock or fill out a time sheet, so I no longer have to worry about being on time!
  3. No longer have the feeling of being trapped. I used to feel immensely trapped and stifled in the system of working for someone else, I felt like I was not living up to my full potential.
  4. I can exercise anytime I want, which leads into …
  5. Make my own schedule. I have a daily routine I follow, but it can be changed, unlike the difficulties of following someone else’s schedule.
  6. Drink the BEST coffee! Starbucks Dark blends are my favorite
  7. Take a power nap if I want. I don’t do this often, but if you didn’t sleep well the night before having this option is great!
  8. No more dry cleaning bill. I don’t know about you, but when I was shopping for work clothes, all the outfits I liked had “Dry Clean Only” on the label.
  9. No longer get stuck in traffic. There is no traffic between my bedroom and my office, thank goodness!
  10. Daily cash flow (most of the time)
  11. I get along great with the boss – cause that’s ME!

Comment below and tell me what your reasons are or what they would be 🙂


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