Beam n Read Craft lights

Looking for craft lights? Try Beam n Read!

If you have been looking for craft lights, then try Beam n Read®! This craft lamp proves to be excellent for arts and crafts lighting and one of the most versatile craft lights for busy jewelry makers and crafters.

Beam n Read LED Hands-free Craft Light, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

I recently had the opportunity to use and review the Beam n Read® LED6m Hands-free craft light. ASF Lightware Solutions gave me an LED6m craft light and USB adapter to try out and review.

There are so many benefits and cool features to these LED lights that I don’t know where to begin!

Beam n Read with magnifiers
Beam n Read comes with magnifiers, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

Extremely versatile craft lights

The Beam n Read® craft lights come with 3 plastic fresnel lenses (flat) to magnify your work. The 4″ x 5″ plastic lens snaps easily into an adjustable clip to create a light with a magnifier. Choose from 2x, 4x or 6x magnification so you can see your detail work!

Beam n Read® is a hands-free light that has accessory magnifiers – it is not a lighted magnifier.

Light weight and hands free so you can see to bead or craft, at home or on the go

This hands-free craft light has an adjustable elastic strap to use around the neck. The unit is very light in weight (approx. 6.8 ounces) so you hardly know it’s there.

The LED light panel has three height adjustments so you can change the direction of the beam as needed. You can also switch between low (uses 3 lights) or high (uses all 6 lights).

Bead n Read can be set up as a mini table lamp

This can also be set up as a temporary mini table lamp for jewelry making and crafts. This is great to take with you to craft shows for minor repairs or while traveling on vacation.


Extremely portable and perfect for when you are on the go but don’t want to drag your whole studio with you.

Find beads on floor
Pick up beads that have dropped on the carpet and scattered all over the floor!

Have you ever spilled beads all over the carpet or floor? Of course you have, it happens to everyone!

I found this hands-free light very useful for searching for my spilled beads that scattered everywhere! Small beads bounce into the darkest corners of the room, but the wide beam of the LED6m craft light was extremely helpful to use while crawling around searching for them.

So many ways to use Bead n Read®

There are so many ways to use this craft light! I came up with a few examples of ways to use this and I know there are many more!

  • Take with you to craft fairs for minor repairs
  • Traveling for work or vacation
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Knitting or crocheting while watching tv or in a waiting room
  • Embroidery projects
  • Sewing and mending
  • Use as a book light for reading
  • Great for power outages

Important product details and where to buy

  1. Lightweight and portable worn-around-the-neck design
  2. Wide and adjustable light using 3 or 6 small LED bulbs across
  3. The 3 LED light setting is brighter than the leading brand’s 6 LED light
  4. Zoom in to your work with large clip-on magnifiers (4” x 5” lenses) These magnifiers are not low vision aids
  5. Save money with longer battery runtime using fewer batteries over time
  6. Uses AA batteries, (a popular battery size worldwide)
  7. Available for purchase on
Beam n Read USB/AC Power Kit, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner
USB/AC Power Kit (optional accessory)

Save on batteries by plugging in with this optional accessory kit! Includes a 6 foot USB cable,  a 6 foot USB extension and a USB/AC adapter. That is 12 feet of cable!

**USB Power option enables use of external power sources. It does not recharge batteries.

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