Have you re-charged your crystals?

Quartz crystal
Quartz Crystal in the Sun

Have you re-charged your crystals? I am absolutely no expert on Rock or Quartz Crystals, but let me tell you what I know from experience….

I had some Quartz Crystals that were lying around, uncared for and forgotten. I found them and cleaned them up with mild soap and water, bringing back the pure clear color. I know that crystal has energy and I wanted to revitalize them, not for any purpose really except just to honor them. I called a friend who knows more than I do about this subject and she suggested I put them in the sun for several hours and also over night during the last full moon.

After I did this with the crystals, I put them on my desk, and I just realized that I have had the most abundance of creativity EVER since I took some time to care for them and charge them up!! I am thanking the crystals for their help and energy!


crystal stones sunbathing
My crystal stones are sunbathing today!

So I put them back in the sun today since they are probably drained from all the mental clarity they gave me! I also put the little Lapis Lazuli Pyramid with them for company, and a recharge too! If you have some crystals that are stored away, take them out and give them some love – they will return it to you with mental clarity, inspiration and energy!

4 thoughts on “Have you re-charged your crystals?”

  1. Just don’t keep them in the sun too long when it is super hot, my friend told me they can crack from too much heat. Oh and full moon this Sat Night 🙂

  2. That’s very cool. I would never have thought of that but will do so now! I have been re-arranging my desk and office to give me better visual clarity. Mental clarity is definitely next on the list.

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