“e.g. our products fits the PANDORA bracelets”. Counterfeiting and the PANDORA Trademark

Here is my take on the whole PANDORA trademark issue and the quote “e.g. our products fits the PANDORA bracelets”.

It is counterfeiting according to PANDORA, so don’t use that word. Strike the word PANDORA from your vocabulary when referring to beads or jewelry unless you are one of their die-hard followers or you are talking about something from mythology.

Apparently this company wants sole use of the word in any form as it relates to beads or jewelry. If you use the word PANDORA and are not one of their sellers then you are counterfeiting their PANDORA trademark.

Enough said. I am sick of the whole thing. If you ask me if my beads will fit on your bracelet that starts with the alphabet letter P, then I will tell you, otherwise I am not saying. I have removed it from every single place I have a listing or information about the compatibility of my items except in few rare places where I use combined phrases for general customer information and here on my blog.

Here is a statement from that company that you can read:

A Message from PANDORA Head Office Regarding Counterfeiting

At one point in the above Message it says:

“The use of the trademark PANDORA stand-alone and in combined phrases is only accepted in general customer information describing in long text the products offered, “e.g. our products fits the PANDORA bracelets.”

I was skeptical in believing this, and actually removed it from everywhere. I suffered a tremendous loss in business and also had to answer a zillion questions from customers who wanted to know if my beads would fit on PANDORA bracelets. I did add the phrase in my general information areas, but lots of people do not read that and ask questions anyway. However it is still best not to use that word in direct item titles.

Many bead sellers have been sued and taken to court and I do believe the PANDORA Nazis are still out there, so it is best to NOT use that word. It is not worth the headache and the risk of getting sued if they decide that you are a risk to them. So pretend the word does not exist. Most bead sellers today refer to large hole beads as a “European Bead”.

The beads I sell have a large diameter hole, and will fit on any thing with a smaller diameter such as a bracelet, necklace, leather, cord, beaded chain, key chain, anywhere you want.

I carry the Carlo Biagi brand and the Landmark brand, occasionally I will bring in some economy beads with a low price point. Everything I sell is of high quality .925 sterling silver (unless it is mentioned otherwise in the listing such as the economy beads) and will have lasting value for the bearer of the bead or charm, as long as they treat it with care and clean the item properly.

Years ago when this all started I was totally insulted that just because I said that a bead will fit on a P-ND-RA bracelet that this meant I am selling counterfeit beads. I was not, and never have sold any of the rip-off beads that are available. If you have had a run in with PANDORA or are not sure if you can use the phrase “Pandora style”, my advise is to not do so. Quality beads such as the brands I carry will sell on their own merit and the excellent customer service that I provide. I just have to explain in a little more detail about the hole size of the bead.

PANDORA may want to corner the market on large hole beads temporarily, but beads have been around for thousands of years and will continue to be a part of jewelry design, large hole or small hole!

To anyone who reads this post, thanks for reading and if you buy or sell beads I hope this information has helped you. One last thought:

What exactly came out of Pandora’s Box? All the evils of the world, so leave it alone.

Carlo Biagi Beads shown in photo can be found on Bead Lovers Korner website

Carlo Biagi Clip On Charms Versatility

Clip On Charms Versatility
Carlo Biagi Bead Bracelet with Charms

I Just wanted to tell you about Carlo Biagi Clip On Charms and the versatility of this brand of beads and charms for bracelets. These sterling silver clip on charms can move from the charm bracelet to the bead bracelet by simply using a Bead Charm carrier. The Bead Carrier enables you to move a charm from the link bracelet and create a dangle bead to add the bead bracelet. How cool is that!!!

Bead Charm Carrier
Sterling Silver Bead Charm Carrier and Example

There are several styles of bead charm carriers to choose from to match themes and taste in jewelry. All of the charm carriers are made of the highest quality .925 Sterling Silver and will work with other brands of bead bracelets. The hole size is a large diameter with a smooth inner core.

Biagi Charms
Carlo Biagi Charm Bracelet with Charms

The Clip On Charm is not new or unique, as there are many brand names and non-brand names available for sale today, such as:

  • Thomas Sabo
  • Amore La Vita
  • and many more…

Carlo Biagi Clip On Charms are a great way to easily change your bead bracelet or charm bracelet design, add and subtract your charms with ease! Colorful, sleek, or sparkling, they are perfect for a unique fashion style!

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Traveling to Egypt to visit the Sphinx

One of the world’s most fascinating places, I sure hope that someday I will be traveling to Egypt!! The vacation of a lifetime, it is definitely on my “Bucket List” to see the Sphinx and the Pyramids at Giza, along with so many other attractions including :

  • Sightseeing in Cairo
  • The Valley of the Kings
  • The Temples at Luxor, Dendera and Abu Simbel
  • and so much more!

The Great Sphinx is carved from the surrounding bedrock making it one of the world’s largest single-stone monuments. The Sphinx, located within the Giza pyramid complex, has been there for thousands of years and continues to be the subject of both historical and scientific debate.

The Pyramids of Egypt are mysterious and ancient, I can only imagine the awe of seeing them in person. But with all the turmoil in that region of the world I am wondering if it will ever be possible to visit that country to see them.


Pyramid Landmark Bead
The Great Pyramid of Giza Landmark Bead

Sterling Memories of Traveling to Egypt

Landmark Beads are made of high quality .925 sterling silver with oxidized accents. These highly detailed beads have a smooth inner hole, which measures approximately 5mm, and are compatible with many popular European style charm bead bracelets including Chamilia, Carlo Biagi, Pandora and Troll chains.


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