Buzzwords that make you cringe

List of Buzzwords I Hate

There are many buzzwords and phrases that are simply overused in business and marketing. They make me cringe every time I hear or see them.

People tend to parrot others and then these words and terms become <cringe> keywords that are used over and over and over. Used so much that they make you sick!

The simple solution would be to pull out a Thesaurus to find another way to say something, but then it wouldn’t be a popular search term and Google wouldn’t have a Keyword Planner.


Buzzwords that make me cringe

I decided to make a list of  these words that I truly hate. Starting this list and adding to it…. tell me which ones you despise? I am happy to add them to this list!

  1. Optimization
  2. Transparent
  3. Sustainable
  4. Brand or Branding
  5. Content
  6. Keyword
  7. Going Green
  8. Moving Forward
  9. ROI
  10. Cautiously Optimistic
  11. Synergy
  12. YOLO
  13. Organic (as a business term)
  14. Utilization
  15. Think outside the box
  16. Drive Traffic
  17. Fluid situation

7 thoughts on “Buzzwords that make you cringe”

  1. Ben and I contribute the following:

    1) cautiously optimistic (a grand way of saying we hope we can pull this off by the seat of our pants)
    2) synergy
    3) YOLO (slang, but still irritating)
    4) organic (as a business term only)

  2. Great topic, Gari Anne! The word I hate most, which is somewhat of a variation of one of yours, is “branding”, defined as “branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.” As someone who is attempting to sell art on Etsy and other places, I have to deal with this all the time. Everything I read about how to be successful on Etsy focuses on branding, and from a marketing standpoint, I totally understand the concept of promoting the work of a particular artist (myself or others) as a brand, but the idea of an artist as a brand just seems contrary to the whole idea of art — I can’t reconcile it in my mind!

  3. Very interesting topic and the list can go on and on….. for me “think outside the box” simply drives me insane as if there is anything else 😉

  4. The term “Drive Traffic” I know its what all businesses want to do is to drive traffic and up sales but it sound so cold like faceless interactions. Take the money, send the item.

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