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3 Reasons to downgrade my Ebay premium store

My Ebay premium store renewal date recently arrived, below are 3 reasons why I decided to downgrade my Ebay premium store to a basic store.

Beads and jewelry components used to sell on Ebay like mad! I was always very busy selling and making money on Ebay in my Ebay store. I did this successfully for over 12 years, and had lots of fun selling on Ebay.

But increased rules for Ebay sellers have made it not such a fun and friendly place to do business anymore.

Why I downgraded my Ebay premium store

  1. Ebay is overcrowded – For my main product and category, a quick look shows 350,000 listings on Ebay as opposed to approximately 51,000 on Etsy.
  2. DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings) and Defects – I was not against the Ebay DSR until the recent inclusion of defects and making sellers responsible for the post office or delivery services. Additionally, if a buyer asks a question it’s a potential defect automatically. You are much better off if the buyer does not contact you, which is totally backwards since communication is a big part of relationship building with customers.
  3. Ebay slow sales – Over the past few years the sales volume has rapidly declined, either from the overcrowding or the newest skewed search engine.

In my humble opinion

There is no point in paying premium Ebay store fees for sub-premium sales, while also being held responsible for things I can’t control (a shipping business and customer questions).

I did not wake up one day and suddenly decide to make this change, it was made gradually over the past few years as I watched my Ebay sales decrease while my Etsy shop and my independent website had growth.

Want to try selling on Etsy? Get started selling on Etsy with 40 free listings.  It’s a great community and they give you tons of information on how to be successful.


Do I really need the Ebay store anymore?

Yes, I want to keep a presence there since some customers really enjoy making online purchases via Ebay. My Ebay listings will be a small portion of my top-selling items or recently found “treasures”.

Perhaps with a smaller store inventory I will be able to figure out the Cassini search engine and implement changes that will work better for the future.

For those Ebay store sellers scratching their head about having slow sales on Ebay, here is an article that might help to get your inventory seen on Ebay.

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons to downgrade my Ebay premium store”

  1. Hi, Gari Anne, this post couldn’t have been more timely as I have recently been so disappointed in my lack of progress on Etsy that I was considering returning to eBay, where for one brief period about 10 years ago, I actually had good enough sales to be a Power Seller. I eventually stopped selling there altogether when a revision of their fee structure gave such an advantage to big businesses doing huge volume that my profit level for selling small low-cost items out of my home as a side business made it hardly worth the effort of packing the items up and taking them to the post office. I am at this point not sure if I want to bother making the move.

    I appreciate the links to the articles explaining the Cassini search engine, but I do have to say that I found the second one (the one on Webretailer) to be extremely amusing, as it started out by saying that in the past, clever eBay sellers got ahead by gaming the system and now with this new search engine, they can’t, and then went on to explain the new things you have to do to game the system!

    1. LOL! Yes, that is really funny! Seems like people just can’t leave well enough alone, they always have to change things which brings us to having to learn new ways to “game the system”. But seriously for years I have done everything that ebay wanted, just seemed like I was spinning my wheels for nothing.

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