Landmark Beads

Landmark Beads

For many years I have stocked a large amount of these beads and always tried to accommodate anyone who was looking for these. At this time I am unable to fulfill requests for special orders. Please check the limited inventory that is still available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.

Landmark beads are made of high quality .925 sterling silver with oxidized accents to show the details in each bead. The bead hole is a large smooth 5mm size which makes them compatible with Chamilia, Carlo Biagi, Pandora and Troll chains. 

Landmark beads should only be cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth, do not use silver polish dip as this will remove the oxidized accents. Caring for Landmark beads properly will make these sterling silver memories last for a long time.

Paris Eiffel Tower Landmark Bead
Eiffel Tower Paris FranceSKU LM001Price $32.00
Roman Colosseum Sterling Silver Landmark Bead
Rome Italy ColosseumSKU LM007Price $32.00
Sydney Opera House Landmark Bead
Opera House Sydney AustraliaSKU LM014Price $32.00
San Francisco Cable Car Landmark Bead
San Francisco Cable CarSKU LM031Price $32.00
Easter Island Heads Moai Statue Landmark Bead
Easter Island Heads Moai StatueSKU LM033Price $32.00
Landmark Bead Jet Airplane
Jet AirplaneSKU LM043Price $32.00
Train Engine Landmark Bead Sterling Silver
Train EngineSKU LM044Price $32.00
Landmark Bead Sterling Silver Cruise Ship
Cruise ShipSKU LM045Price $32.00
Gold World Globe Landmark Bead
Earth Bead Gold PlatedSKU LM065Price $18.00
Landmark Earth Bead Silver Plated
Earth Bead Silver PlatedSKU LM066Price $18.00
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