Landmark Beads

Landmark Beads

Landmark beads are sterling silver travel charm beads (also known as European beads or charms) that are a wonderful way to remember US and World Landmarks from vacation or business trips, etc.

For many years I have stocked a large amount of these beads and always tried to accommodate anyone who was looking for these. However this year all requests will be special order unless I have it in stock. Once the inventory is gone I may not restock any. 

Landmark beads are made of high quality .925 sterling silver with oxidized accents to show the details in each bead. The bead hole is a large smooth 5mm size which makes them compatible with all popular charm bead bracelets including Chamilia, Carlo Biagi, Pandora and Troll chains. 

Landmark beads should only be cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth, do not use silver polish dip as this will remove the oxidized accents. Caring for Landmark beads properly will make these sterling silver memories last for a long time.

Paris Eiffel Tower Landmark Bead
Eiffel Tower Paris France
1 in stock
SKU LM001Price $32.00
Paris Arc de Triomphe Sterling Silver Landmark Bead
Arc de Triomphe Paris France
Temporarily out of stock
SKU LM002Price $32.00
Greek Parthenon Landmark Bead
Parthenon Athens Greece
Temporarily out of stock
SKU LM005Price $32.00
Roman Colosseum Sterling Silver Landmark Bead
Rome Italy Colosseum
Temporarily out of stock
SKU LM007Price $32.00
Florence Duomo Landmark Bead
Duomo Florence Italy
out of stock
SKU LM009Price $32.00
Sydney Opera House Landmark Bead
Opera House Sydney Australia
1 in stock
SKU LM014Price $32.00
To-ji Temple Japanese Pagoda Landmark Bead
To-ji Temple Pagoda Kyoto Japan
1 in stock
SKU LM015Price $32.00
Hollywood California Landmark Bead Sterling Silver
Hollywood Los Angeles California
1 in stock
SKU LM020Price $32.00
World Trade Center Twin Towers Landmark Bead
World Trade Center Twin Towers New York City
1 in stock
SKU LM025Price $32.00
Stonehenge Sterling Silver Landmark Bead
Stonehenge England
Temporarily out of stock
SKU LM026Price $32.00
Landmark Bead German Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate Berlin Germany
Temporarily out of stock
SKU LM030Price $32.00
San Francisco Cable Car Landmark Bead
San Francisco Cable Car
2 in stock
SKU LM031Price $32.00
Easter Island Heads Moai Statue Landmark Bead
Easter Island Heads Moai Statue
1 in stock
SKU LM033Price $32.00
Lisbon Torre de Belem Landmark Bead
Torre de Belem Lisbon Portugal
Temporarily out of stock
SKU LM040Price $32.00
Landmark Bead Jet Airplane
Jet Airplane
1 in stock
SKU LM043Reg. Price $32.00 $25.60 On Sale!
Train Engine Landmark Bead Sterling Silver
Train Engine
1 in stock
SKU LM044Reg. Price $32.00 $25.60 On Sale!
Landmark Bead Sterling Silver Cruise Ship
Cruise Ship
2 in stock
SKU LM045Reg. Price $32.00 $25.60 On Sale!
Landmark Bead Suitcase with Travel Stickers
Suitcase with Travel Stickers
1 in stock
SKU LM046Reg. Price $32.00 $25.60 On Sale!
Gold World Globe Landmark Bead
Earth Bead Gold Plated
1 in stock
SKU LM065Price $18.00
Landmark Earth Bead Silver Plated
Earth Bead Silver Plated
2 in stock
SKU LM066Price $18.00
Landmark Bead Hotel del Coronado
Hotel del Coronado San Diego California
out of stock
SKU LM078Price $32.00
Landmark Bead Vienna Straatsoper Opera House Sterling Silver
Straatsoper Opera House Vienna Austria
Temporarily out of stock
SKU LM080Price $32.00
Brussels Manneken Pis Sterling Silver Landmark Bead
Brussels Manneken Pis
Out of stock
SKU LM082Price $32.00
Route 66 Landmark Bead
Route 66 Landmark Bead
Temporarily out of stock
SKU LM086Price $32.00
Angkor Wat Sterling Silver Landmark Bead
Angkor Wat
temorarily out of stock
SKU LM087Price $32.00
Sterling Silver Kentucky Derby Landmark Bead
Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby
1 in stock
SKU LM090Price $32.00
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