Handmade Glass and Crystal Jewelry

Handmade glass and crystal jewelry created by Bead Lovers Korner right here in our studio. Made with fine quality materials and Swarovski crystal beads, these unique jewelry items are either one of a kind or very limited. Some of our pieces have been showcased at Hollywood events or seen on TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries! 

Halloween Candy Corn Crystal Bracelet
Halloween Candy Corn Crystal Bead Bracelet
1 in stock
SKU BL-B02Reg. Price $45.00 $34.99 On Sale!
Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Bracelet
Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Bracelet
One of a kind bracelet with unique silver beads
SKU BL-B13Reg. Price $90.00 $72.00 On Sale!
Vampire Diaries Earrings worn by Elena Gilbert
Vampire Diaries Eternal Reflection Earrings
As seen on "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 5:02 "True Lies", worn by Elena Gilbert
SKU BL-E02Price $39.00
Christmas Elf Earrings Swarovski Crystal Handmade
Christmas Elf Earrings
Cute Christmas Green Holiday Earrings
SKU BL-E06Price $30.00
UFO Earrings Sterling Silver
UFO Earrings Flying Saucer Sterling Silver
1 in stock
SKU BL-E07Price $32.00
Jet Black Crystal Earrings with Sparkle
Jet Black Sparkle Earrings Sterling Silver
Gifted to the Wardrobe Stylist of "Queen of the South"
SKU BL-EQOSPrice $35.00
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