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Customer Emails

"It's a really cool bead! Very filigree and detailed. Absolutely great!"

-O.H. from Florsheim, Germany

"Excellent Website! Very colorful and not too busy. This website will be in my favorites to be used often!"

-G. Jurko from Oklahoma City, OK

"I just received my bead, thank you so much, I loved the cute little bag it came inside and the bead is even more than I expected! Thank you for being so kind and sending it to me!!"

-Deborah from Sao Paulo, Brazil

"I received the beads today . . . they are so cute! Thank you for your prompt service."

-Linda from Cape Coral, FL

"Thank You - I love the Landmark Beads!"

-Diane from South Hero, VT

"I love the amethyst bobby pins, they are perfect! Your packaging makes a pleasant and thoughtful presentation."

-Linda from New Milford, CT

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