Celebrity style earrings for Stephanie Drapeau

The Artisan Group®’s recent collaborative gift bag to Stephanie Drapeau included our purple and gold celebrity style earrings made of sparkling Swarovski Amethyst crystal.

Stephanie Drapeau has performed in over 20 films including Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, Cross, Closure, and on television The Catch and Castle. Stephanie also appears on Medium and has worked with legendary actors such as Morgan Freeman in Wish Wizard.

I am thrilled to share this awesome thank you tweet from Stephanie Drapeau and hope that she will enjoy wearing these lovely earrings and all of the beautiful handcrafted gifts from members of the group.

So what exactly is celebrity style?

Celebrity style is the distinctive appearance (choice of clothing, jewelry and accessories) of a celebrity which is then put under the spotlight by photography of events, interviews or performance.

Isn’t is fun to see a necklace, earrings or t-shirt worn by a celebrity that you might also have in your closet wardrobe or jewelry box? Kind of gives you a feeling of connection to your favorite stars!

Checkout the Instagram post below  by Stephanie, showing all the handcrafted celebrity style items by The Artisan Group® Members who participated!

Posted on Instagram by Stephanie Drapeau

Do you send Thank You notes for gifts?

Do you send Thank You notes for gifts? Does anyone do that anymore? Just when I thought that tradition was dead, two handwritten thank you notes from celebrities were sent to The Artisan Group®, thanking us for the gifts we sent.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Thank You
Thank You Note from Jennifer Love Hewitt

These lovely notes thanked everyone for the handmade gifts that we included in the Mother’s Day Gift Bag for 2014.

Each note card expressed gratitude for our personal gifts to them and by sitting down to write thank you notes it showed their sincere appreciation.

Thank You Note from Kristin Cavallari
Thank You Note from Kristin Cavallari

To Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kristin Cavallari – You are very welcome for the gifts and I hope you enjoy wearing our Rose Quartz bracelet and all of the handcrafted jewelry and other gifts that were included in the bag!

Sending Thank You notes for gifts

When I was growing up writing, sending a Thank You Note through the mail was very important. In the past 40 years that tradition has seemed to dwindle now that you can easily pick up a phone and call, text or email your thanks.

I was glad to see that this time-honored social etiquette is still alive and not entirely forgotten!! Do you send Thank You Notes?

Leave a comment about how you say Thank You for gifts.