4 reasons I have ignored my blog

Somehow the year has just flown by, and I have hardly touched this blog! Do I have a good reason why I haven’t been posting regularly? Not really, but I do have 4 flimsy reasons, and you can use these same excuses for just about anything.

There are many reasons to start writing a blog and there are just as many reasons not to start blogging, or to start one and then ignore it.

One article I read recently focused on getting out to meet other people instead of blogging, which kind of reinforced my recent thoughts about finding local businesses who would carry my Vampire Diaries earrings and bracelet or my handmade rosaries.

That right there would require face to face meetings, and I could probably come up with the same 4 reasons not to solicit!!

Ignore blog
Hit the Ignore blog button on your keyboard

4 reasons I have ignored my blog lately

  1. I have an appointment – that is always a good reason! A doctor appointment, an appointment with the BEACH, a dinner date, you name it!
  2. I just don’t feel like it – this is one of my top reasons, and it is associated with number 3
  3. Takes too much time – it really does take a lot of time, no matter how easy everyone says it is! First you have to write, then look up keywords and think of cool ways to illustrate because some people only look at the pictures!
  4. FREE HBO/Cinemax weekend! – that’s right, because watching a new flick is always a good reason not to blog or do anything ūüôā

These 4 reasons are so generic that you can use them for just about anything!!

I do like to share ideas, and new cool beads and I will continue to do that. But somehow this year has just slipped past me. I really just wrote this little article to kind of apologize for not posting much lately.

What are your reasons for not blogging? Are they the same reasons for not beading or not exercising? Or not doing anything?  Comments are welcome!

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My calling: making prayer beads and rosaries

It is time to tell this story, believe it or not, about my calling: making Prayer Beads and Rosaries. I truly believe I was called to make Prayer Beads and Rosaries and perhaps others have experienced this same calling. Those who have been called may be able to relate to parts of this story.

Saved from addiction

Many years ago I began a spiritual relationship with God when He saved me from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

I had been¬†raised in the Protestant Church, so I had basic religious instruction, but it didn’t really mean anything to me until I began my recovery and had a specific spiritual experience.

Once I was on the sober path¬†I began opening my mind to seeking and finding out more about God’s purpose for me, learning to ask for direction, and how to listen for His instruction.

This was a very personal relationship that I didn’t share with too many people, I just went about my life in recovery and was blessed to have a renewed interest from childhood in beads and beading as a replacement for my destructive obsessions.

The calling to make prayer beads

Being of an entrepreneurial mindset AND obsessive, I began buying and selling beads and jewelry findings, and also making jewelry to wear and share with family and friends. This became a little side business and pretty successful.

I had a website and an eBay store that provided additional income. I was looking at my website one day and thought:

“what else could I add to my current selections?”

Then out of nowhere a voice in my head quietly and firmly said:

“Prayer Beads”

What a great idea!! But I really knew nothing about Prayer Beads, since they were not used in the churches where I grew up. So I started to learn and educate myself by looking up the different types of prayer beads and how to make them.

Anglican Prayer Beads
Amethyst Anglican prayer bead style rosary

Making Prayer Beads and Rosaries

It took me several years to put this divine idea into action, and even though I still sell beads, and make other types of jewelry, making Rosaries and Christian jewelry pieces are my constant and consistent thoughts.

I would like to say that every set of beads I make are inspired, and maybe in some way they are, but all are meticulously created and infused with my loving intentions.

Christian Earrings
Praying Hands Christian Earrings
Listening to God

I have done much reading and have acquired spiritual knowledge of all kinds from different faiths, and know that God (no matter what name you call Him) is constantly “streaming” out love, guidance and direction to everyone. We have to be tuned to the right “frequency” so to speak, to receive and accept these heavenly “transmissions”.

There is so much “chatter” in our world that blocks out this communication from God, but learning to pray and focus the mind on Him is a good way to start listening.

Prayer and Rosary Beads are a physical and beautiful tool to use for prayer. A reminder of this important way to communicate with and worship our Heavenly Father.

I am sure that I am not alone in this calling, if you also feel like you have been called I hope you will leave a comment below.

Saint Francis of Assisi Rosary Chaplet and Rosary Beads

Saint Francis of Assisi was always a favorite of mine, as he is for many, and I made this Rosary Chaplet and Rosary Beads in honor of the New Pope Francis.

Saint Francis Rosary Chaplet
St. Francis Rosary Chaplet with Smoky Quartz

Pope Francis

This last week was a pretty interesting time with the election of the new Pope. I know this happened just a few years back with the last Pope, but at that time I was working a thankless high stress job and wasn’t able to pay attention.

The new Pope seems like a very good choice and I love the name he chose.  I was very moved as I watched the ritual and tradition, I paid close attention to the news coverage of the Conclave and the election of the new Pope.

I was grateful to be able to witness Pope Francis’s first words and prayers. All Christians should pray for this new leader of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis Wood Rosary Beads
Pope Francis Wooden Rosary Beads

Rosary Beads

I make Rosary Beads because they can be an important part in developing and maintaining a relationship with the Divine.

Not only are they beautiful to behold, but they are a visual reminder to pray and establishing a daily ritual. They are also useful in assisting prayer by their physical touch.

The daily affirmation of God or a Higher Divine presence is worship and helps to build a solid relationship with God. Developing this ritual practice will cast away fear, doubt and anxiety.

Quote from Saint Francis

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. Where there is patience and humility, there is neither anger nor vexation. Where there is poverty and joy, there is neither greed nor avarice. Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.” –¬†The Counsels of the Holy Father St. Francis, Admonition 27

Rosary Beads for Prayer

Several years ago I began making Catholic Rosary Beads for Prayer and other spiritual items. I bought a book and searched the internet for insight and background knowledge about all the different types of prayer beads that are used today.

I read the book, but got side tracked and never made a move to try making anything.

Earlier this year something just came over me, I like to think it was Divine Guidance, but it was a powerful need to start making prayer beads and rosaries.

The chaos and increase of evil events that have happened in the world recently have increased the need for our prayers. It doesn’t really matter what religion you are, it is the worship of God and the support of that worship that is important.

Divine Mercy Rosary
Divine Mercy Catholic Rosary

I am not sure what it is, but I just love making rosaries! Maybe it is the comfort of repetition in linking the beads, or just knowing that something I make could be used in a more worthwhile way other than body decoration.

If you are reading this, then you already realize the importance of prayer and building a relationship with The Divine. Especially in a world that seems to be on the edge, prayer is purifying and comforting. While my beads hold no power themselves, it is my hope that they will help the receiver realize the power of prayer and strength within.

To find the Rosaries and Prayer Beads that I have made, please visit Bead Lovers Korner Etsy Store.