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Customizable coin jewelry is sweeping the nation and these beautiful coins have just arrived. Put them on your wish list right now!

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New Carlo Biagi Coins include Om symbols, Cross hatch with Swarovski and Hamsa Hand

New coins for coin jewelry

Carlo Biagi Coin Jewelry is customizable and consists of a coin holder and interchangelable coins that create a pendant. These new coins raise the Carlo Biagi Coin count to 70 choices to use in your own custom coin jewelry!

Tree of Life and Morning Skies ( Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner) Carlo Biagi coins

Coins are made with the highest quality materials including Swarovski crystal, cubic zirconia and high-grade stainless steel to create gorgeous custom jewelry pendants to match your lifestyle.

The metal color of the coin does not matter when adding them to coin holders, so don’t hesitate to be free with your expression and experiment with colors!

Morning Skies Coin shown with rose gold. Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

The beautiful Morning Skies coin is yellow gold-plated but is displayed using a rose gold coin holder and rose gold chain.

Unisex appeal

The coin holder can also be used as a”unisex” option for men who love to wear statement necklaces. They are perfect gift ideas for women too!

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Compare to Lucet Mundi, Mi Moneda, Nikki Lissoni and other coin jewelry and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below 🙂

Butterfly coin is stunning addition to coin holder necklaces for women

The sparking Butterfly Coin from Carlo Biagi makes a stunning addition to coin holder pendant necklaces for women. When searching for unique gift ideas these lovely interchangeable coins are a perfect solution.

Carlo Biagi Butterfly Coin. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

The silver plated stainless steel coin is filled with black and clear Swarovski Crystals in this beautiful butterfly jewelry design.

Coin is 33mm and raised slightly for a three dimensional effect. Compatible with Nikki Lissoni medium coin holders and similar to other brands such as Mi Moneda.

Insert the coin into a Carlo Biagi Coin Holder and slip onto a necklace chain, for a lovely statement necklace. Then change the coin for a new look at any time.

This makes a perfect gift for Mom or others who love nature and the powerful symbolism of the butterfly, which holds meaning through qualities such as:

  • Grace
  • Growth
  • Transformation
  • Elegance and more…
Side View of Butterfly Coin. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Click here to view the complete Carlo Biagi Coin Collection and check back frequently for new designs to add to your personal collection.

One Simple Idea to Make a Coin Holder Necklace

Everyone loves a cool necklace, and here is one simple idea to make a beautiful coin holder necklace while also using European Charm Beads.

Carlo Biagi Coin Holder Pendants and Coins are a fashionable new way to show a womans personality and match her wardrobe by using interchangeable jewelry coins.

This great idea also includes selecting a few favorite charm beads and stringing them on a chain or leather cord to create a whole new look!

Coin Pendant with Beads
This example shows the Multi Heart Black Coin, Cz Coin Holder and a variety of beads

Make these beautiful necklaces for women with any type of Coin Pendant or Charm Bead such as PANDORA beads, Chamilia, Carlo Biagi, Nikki Lissoni, Mi Moneda, Lucet Mundi and more.

What you will need

Directions: Insert coin into the coin holder pendant and string onto leather, tied a knot and then add the European beads. Tie another knot if you want them held in place, or just place around your neck!

A few examples are shown in this blog post to give ideas of how to arrange beads to mix and match with pendants to make really colorful necklaces.

Match Charm Beads and Coin Pendants by Color or Theme
Select European Charm Beads and Coin Pendants to match by Color or Theme!

Check out all the beautiful beads and other unique items at Bead Lovers Korner!

Looking for Nikki Lissoni coin pendants? Consider Carlo Biagi coins instead

You may be searching for where to buy Nikki Lissoni Coin Pendants for yourself or as a gift, but consider Carlo Biagi Coins instead.

The Carlo Biagi Coin Collection has a wide selection of 33mm or “Medium” size coins that can compare with this brand as well as other popular brands like Lucet Mundi or Mi Moneda.

Carlo Biagi Multi-Color Swarovski Cabochon. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Why choose Carlo Biagi instead of Nikki Lissoni?

Not only does the Carlo Biagi Coin Collection have a beautiful array of colors and designs to choose from, it is also backed by the same dedication to complete customer satisfaction and the guarantee of superior quality!

Mix and match these and other brand designs to create a new statement necklace for every occasion!

Carlo Biagi has a large selection of Interchangeable Coins

There are over 60 different coins to create and change for any occasion, and the selection is growing as the popularity of this cool necklace increases.

Unique? Yes, that too. Check out all of the beautiful designs and large selection at Bead Lovers Korner where you can order online, 24 hours a day!

Carlo Biagi Pave Cz Crystal Coins. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Carlo Biagi coin holders and interchangeable pendant collection

Carlo Biagi Coin Holders and Interchangeable Pendant Collection are a popular new design among fashionistas and stylists across the nation.

This pendant necklace consists of interchangeable coins that can be placed into coin holders quickly and easily to create a new pendant for any occasion.

Pendants consist of a Coin Holder, a Coin and the style of chain that best suits your choice of clothing. These can all be mixed and matched to create a fashionable statement necklace for any occasion.

Carlo Biagi Silver Plated Stainless Steel Coin Holder. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Coin holders and chains

Coin holders and chains are made of durable Stainless Steel and come in several color choices, and are available with or without Cubic Zirconia stones.

  • Silver Plated
  • Yellow Gold Plated
  • Rose Gold Plated

Create a more sporty look by using a leather necklace, the coin holder works great with any type of chain.

Change the inner coin for a new look. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Open the Coin Holder, insert a coin, close the holder and your pendant is ready to put on a chain! Easy and quick!

Carlo Biagi Blue Cat Eye Cabochon. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Interchangeable Coins

Coins measure approximately 33mm and are manufactured with stainless steel and then finished in silver or gold-plated colors.

The selection of collectible coins includes a large assortment of designs and stones, which include:

  • Semi-precious stone
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • and more!!!
Swarovski Rock Pattern Coins. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Customize your necklace to match your outfit, mood, or simply make a statement to the world!

Many coins have a unisex design, like the rocky texture coins show above. and are great for both men and women.

Carlo Biagi Multi Heart Coins. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Coins and holders are comparable to Mi Moneda or Nikki Lissoni brands.

Collect all of the different Carlo Biagi Coins and accessories available at Bead Lovers Korner!