Traveling to Egypt to visit the Sphinx

One of the world’s most fascinating places, I sure hope that someday I will be traveling to Egypt!! The vacation of a lifetime, it is definitely on my “Bucket List” to see the Sphinx and the Pyramids at Giza, along with so many other attractions including :

  • Sightseeing in Cairo
  • The Valley of the Kings
  • The Temples at Luxor, Dendera and Abu Simbel
  • and so much more!

The Great Sphinx is carved from the surrounding bedrock making it one of the world’s largest single-stone monuments. The Sphinx, located within the Giza pyramid complex, has been there for thousands of years and continues to be the subject of both historical and scientific debate.

The Pyramids of Egypt are mysterious and ancient, I can only imagine the awe of seeing them in person. But with all the turmoil in that region of the world I am wondering if it will ever be possible to visit that country to see them.


Pyramid Landmark Bead
The Great Pyramid of Giza Landmark Bead

Sterling Memories of Traveling to Egypt

Landmark Beads are made of high quality .925 sterling silver with oxidized accents. These highly detailed beads have a smooth inner hole, which measures approximately 5mm, and are compatible with many popular European style charm bead bracelets including Chamilia, Carlo Biagi, Pandora and Troll chains.


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Search and Seizure 4th Amendment Bead

Amendment 4
Sterling Silver 4th Amendment We The People Amendment Bead

This Sterling Silver Search and Seizure 4th Amendment Bead is made by We The People Beads and is a way to keep this important part of our Bill of Rights fresh in your mind.

Amendment 4 has been in the news a lot in recent years due to extreme searches performed by TSA when preparing to board an airplane.

  • Do you think it is unreasonable to have your hair spray or mouthwash taken away?
  • How about standing in the x-ray body scanner?
  • How much freedom (and money) do we lose by allowing these searches and seizures in the name of safety?

Just something to ponder the next time you travel…

Amendment 4

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Do you own a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States? You can get one from the Heritage Foundation and learn more about your rights.

This 4th Amendment bead has a large diameter hole that is not threaded and is compatible with PANDORA bracelets, Carlo Biagi, Chamilia, Troll and more.

Hawaiian Weddings – tell the story with beads!


Hawaiian Weddings at Pukalani Falls, blowing of the Conch Shell
Wedding at Pukalani Falls, blowing of the Conch Shell

Beautiful Hawaiian Weddings are a very sacred celebration and you can tell the story with beads, for lasting memories in sterling silver!

My husband and I decided on a destination wedding, and after lots of planning we chose to have a Hawaiian Wedding that was also a honeymoon vacation!

We now celebrate our Wedding Anniversary every year with lovely memories of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach and our sacred wedding ceremony in Waimanalo.

Beads and charms are pretty but can also tell the story of a special event or vacation. They hold a lasting memory in sterling silver and are a visual reminder that can be added to charm bracelets.

Conch Shell
Sterling Silver Biagi Conch Shell Bead

Our special Hawaii Wedding ceremony was performed by Captain Howie at Pukalani Falls in Waimanalo, which is on the windward side of the island of O’ahu.

We were both barefoot and the ceremony began with the blowing of the Conch Shell by Reverend Howie.

The Conch Shell is auspicious and is blown before a sacred event to drive away ill spirits and call in all that is divine.

Hula Girl Landmark Bead
Hawaiian Hula Girl Sterling Silver Landmark Bead

After our private wedding ceremony, we continued our tropical honeymoon vacation by exploring the island of O’ahu.

There is so much to see and do, with breathtaking scenery around every turn!

  • We visited all the sides of the island
  • Went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay
  • Spent a day at the North Shore
  • Walked along Waikiki Beach
  • Attended a Luau
  • Visited The Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Learned about the Hula Dance
  • Drank Kona Coffee every day!
Wedding Cake Bead
Wedding Cake Biagi Sterling Silver Bead

When we returned home we had a reception party for family and friends at a nearby Bed & Breakfast in Daytona Beach. Complete with island themed decor, Hawaiian Flower Leis for all the guests, dancing and the most important thing of all, a fabulous and delicious Wedding Cake!

Biagi Plumeria Bead
Plumeria Flower Biagi Sterling Silver Bead

And that was our Hawaiian Wedding!!

How did you celebrate your wedding, and what symbolic charms or beads do you use to remember your special day?

Hawaiian Wedding
Destination Wedding Ceremony in Hawaii June 17, 2001.