How to survive Florida weather in the summer

Florida weather in the summer and how to survive the daily rain showers and storms is fairly simple. Every year at the start of hurricane season Floridians are reminded to check their supplies and be prepared.

Hurricane Guides

Each year a new hurricane guide is published with all the info and reminders of what we Floridians should do to be prepared for loss of electricity and severe weather.

This seasonal guide has current emergency information, phone numbers, and all the storm names that someone has picked out for the year (who gets paid to do that? And just how much do they get paid??).

The season lasts for 6 months and when you think about how long that is, you should just be prepared all the time! That way you don’t have to go broke looking for supplies when a storm is imminent.

Be prepared to survive Florida weather

Here in Central Florida, when you see people leaving the grocery store with more than one or two gallons of water in their grocery cart you know you better turn on the news to see if a storm is coming.

It is kind of comical to see the patterns and habits of people year after year, and the most important things to have besides water are:

  1. candles
  2. matches or lighters
  3. batteries
  4. a flashlight
  5. junk food
  6. a freezer full of ice
  7. generator for when the power is out for a while
  8. an oscillating fan

Then just sit back, relax and have a drink, because most of the time these storms just pass right by us.

Did I forget anything? Leave a comment below and let me know 🙂

Tropical Drink Biagi European Bead
Tropical Drink Carlo Biagi Sterling Silver Charm Bead

Happy Memorial Day, do you know the history?

Flag Bead for Memorial Day
Landmark USA Flag Bead

We say Happy Memorial Day, but do you know why we celebrate? I am honoring this day with beads and also decided to look up some history about Memorial Day for this post.

Memorial Day – Decoration Day

Memorial Day began after the Civil War and was originally called Decoration Day, started by freedmen (former slaves) to honor the Union soldiers who died in the Civil War.

After World War I it also included all Military Soldiers who died while in service to the country.

military beads
Sterling silver military beads for European bracelets

This is a day that many people have off from work and celebrate the holiday by going to the beach or the lake, they have a cook out, drink beer and visit with family.

There are various Memorial Day services held by the VFW or other organizations, and some people also go to the cemetery and put flowers on loved ones graves.

This is my remembrance of those fallen in battle: Union Soldiers and all Military who have paid the price for our freedom here in the United States of America!

Take a moment to honor and reflect on the many lives that have been lost as they fought and died in service to the United States of America!

May God Bless them all!

Religious beads charms for little girls jewelry

Kidz Cross Religious Beads Charms
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Adorable religious beads and charms help to commemorate spiritual and religious events in a little girls life.

Adorable Carlo Biagi Kidz enamel religious beads charms are perfect gifts for First Communion, Baptism, special holidays like Easter, Christmas and much more!

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These adorable kid sized beads have a small 3mm diameter hole and are made to fit the Carlo Biagi Kidz Sterling Silver or Rubber bracelets and necklaces.

Kidz Beads are also compatible with other chains and can be used in any fashion that the bead hole accommodates.

Biagi Kidz Angel Beads
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These Carlo Biagi Kidz beads are made of high quality .925 Sterling Silver with enamel designs on both sides, and are available on at Bead Lovers Korner.