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How to make necklace cards Free tutorial

This free tutorial on how to make necklace cards is very useful for necklace and earring jewelry display. This is an important necessity for anyone who sells jewelry.

Many jewelry artists don’t even think about making their own display cards or think it would be difficult. I have purchased pre-made jewelry cards and was recently very disappointed, so decided to make them myself.

Searching for DIY Necklace Cards and how to make them took some time so I have written this helpful tutorial on how to make a necklace holder, which can easily be used for earrings as well.

How to make necklace cards

Materials for Necklace cards
Materials needed for simple necklace or earring card

Materials Needed:


  • Avery 5371 Laser Perf Business Cards
  • Hole Punch 1/16th or 1/8th inch (or better yet an earring punch with two holes)
  • Small Scissors


  1. Decide on what you want the cards to say or look like.
  2. Go to, select Templates>Design and Print online>Business Cards, then select the 5371 template and open up a blank design
  3. Turn design area vertical
  4. Upload logo image, adjust size of image and move towards the bottom, add type in a text box below logo, etc.
  5. Add type on back side if desired
  6. Save, Save, Save! Opening an account on Avery and saving your project is free. Then you can return later to adjust the design or print more cards as needed.
  7. Print sheet front and back side if needed. (Follow Avery directions for printing and separating cards. When printing on both sides, experiment with your printer so you know which way to insert the card stock).
  8. Follow directions on Avery 5371 package to pull apart cards
  9. Use hole punch to add holes in desired location, then cut slits angled from the top corners
  10. Slide necklace chain through slits and into holes on each side
  11. Make any adjustments needed and once necklace card is the way you want it, then use that as a template guide.
  12. Punch holes and make slits for as many cards as needed

Download written instructions here: How to Make Your Own Necklace or Earring Cards

Make Necklace Cards
Make Jewelry Cards for Necklaces or Earrings

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    1. Most of my necklaces are mailed, so I just let it flow loose inside a plastic bag. You can also tape it or put in a super small zip-lock and tape that to the back of the card.

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