How to get started with hand stamped jewelry

Hand stamped jewelry is one of the jewelry making techniques on my “to learn” list. Below are a few metal stamping supplies and ideas on how to get started making custom jewelry with metal stamping.

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Many people are eager to give handmade gifts which have personal significance, that mark an occasion or tell a story. Some will make their own, some will have a store-bought item personalized–but most will be looking for gifts that are customized and original.

Hand stamped jewelry for personalized gifts

There are so many different ways to personalize charms, pendants and tags with niche phrases, symbols, important dates or names. Other great ideas include:

  • Hand-stamped jewelry components for necklaces, earrings, cuff links, bookmarks, etc.
  • Quality tags to add to one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry creations
  • Components for scrapbook or photo albums
  • Home decor and ornaments
  • and so much more!!!

What you will need

  1. To start you will need metal stamping supplies and tools (Ball Peen Hammer, Bench Block, Stamp Punches, etc).
  2. You will also need metal blanks supplies which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  3. Use prefabricated blanks for convenience, and then later you can create unique blanks using sterling silver metal sheets, Kato Polyclay™, Apoxie® Sculpt or a range of metal clays, including Art Clay®, PMC® and more.

Great Books for Step-by-Step Projects

Metal Stamping Books

Stamped Metal Jewelry” by Lisa Niven Kelly is filled with creative techniques and designs for making custom hand-stamped jewelry with words, symbols, wire-working techniques and more.

‘Mixed Metals” by Melinda Barta and Danielle Fox is filled with facts for working with a variety of metals.

Metalworking 101 for Beaders” shows jewelry makers how to enhance beaded pieces with soldering, annealing, texturing and other techniques, with over 30 projects to complete.

Stock up on supplies so you will always have what you need when inspiration strikes you. Try working with a variety of metal finishes to take into account metal sensitivities or experiment with mixed metal styles for a fashionable edge. Best-selling mixed-metal styles include polished and antiqued versions of silver, gold, copper and brass, as well as the ever-popular gun-metal finish.

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