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Welcome to my blog about beading, jewelry making and running a small business! I hope you will find something interesting to read or learn about something new.

About Me

I’m a crazy lady who makes jewelry and sells beads, drinks lots of Starbucks coffee, and this is my blog. I live in Central Florida, have a wonderful husband, 5 great kids, and a cat named Sebastian.

I started Bead Lovers Korner in 2002, and have been providing quality beads and jewelry to the public ever since. I am a solely owned and operated small business who strives for just enough success to expand and employ others so that I can start giving back to my awesome community.

For more information please see a more detailed history on the main website.

About my blog

I started this blog as a means of tying together all of the locations I sell products, and over time have also included my experiences in being an independent entrepreneur. I blog about Etsy, intersting and unique sellers and their products as well.

Most of us are not born knowing how to achieve instant success, it’s a long hard road. So some of my posts reflect on what I have learned over the years.

In addition to my website, I also sell on Ebay, have an Etsy shop and belong to several great teams and organizations. They are all full of talented artists that have been a tremendous moral support!

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