Beads and Charms for Bracelets are Perfect Gift Ideas for Women

This Holiday Gift Guide spotlights beautiful beads and charms for bracelets that are available to adorn European Style Charm Bead Jewelry. Below are some perfect gift ideas for women.

Charms for Bracelets Holiday Gift Guide’ by beadloverskorner

Charms for bracelets make excellent gift ideas for Mom, Gifts for a Girlfriend, Sisters and more!

Red Christmas Bead, European…


May Birthstone European Bead…


Golden Autumn Large hole bea…


European charm beads, Large …


Live Love Laugh Rainbow Euro…


Rolling Stones – Reds .. Bea…


ON SALE 25% OFF Glass Lampwo…


Sterling Silver Bead Green P…


Pikalda : Handmade Lampwork …


European charm dangle bead -…


Swarovski Crystal Heart Euro…


ON SALE 25% OFF Glass Lampwo…


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How Carlo Biagi Coins Work

How to Use a Coin Holder Necklace

This info graphic illustrates how to use a Coin Holder Necklace and how easy it is to change and create personalized custom jewelry. These make great gift ideas for women!

  1. Select a Necklace Chain
  2. Select a Coin Holder and open
  3. Choose from a Variety of Coins and slip inside the coin holder
  4. Add to the selected chain

Another use for the Coin Holder

Coin Holder Open

Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Open Carlo Biagi Coin Holder and insert a United States 50 cent piece (half dollar coin). Close and attach to necklace chain.

Biagi Coin Holder with Half Dollar

Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner


How to Get Started with Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand stamped jewelry is one of the jewelry making techniques on my “to learn” list. Here are a few metal stamping supplies and ideas on how to get started making custom jewelry with metal stamping.

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Many people are eager to give handmade gifts which have personal significance, that mark an occasion or tell a story. Some will make their own, some will have a store-bought item personalized–but most will be looking for gifts that are customized and original.

There are so many different ways to personalize charms, pendants and tags with niche phrases, symbols, important dates or names. Other great ideas include:

  • Hand-stamped jewelry components for necklaces, earrings, cuff links, bookmarks, etc.
  • Quality tags to add to one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry creations
  • Components for scrapbook or photo albums
  • Home decor and ornaments
  • and so much more!!!

What you will need

To start you will need metal stamping supplies and tools (Ball Peen Hammer, Bench Block, Stamp Punches, etc).

You will also need metal blanks supplies which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Use prefabricated blanks for convenience, and then later you can create unique blanks using sterling silver metal sheets, Kato Polyclay™, Apoxie® Sculpt or a range of metal clays, including Art Clay®, PMC® and more.

Great Books for Step-by-Step Projects or for Ideas and Inspiration

Metal Stamping Books

Stamped Metal Jewelry” by Lisa Niven Kelly is filled with creative techniques and designs for making custom hand-stamped jewelry with words, symbols, wire-working techniques and more.

‘Mixed Metals” by Melinda Barta and Danielle Fox is filled with facts for working with a variety of metals.

Metalworking 101 for Beaders” shows jewelry makers how to enhance beaded pieces with soldering, annealing, texturing and other techniques, with over 30 projects to complete.

Stock up on supplies so you will always have what you need when inspiration strikes you. Try working with a variety of metal finishes to take into account metal sensitivities or experiment with mixed metal styles for a fashionable edge. Best-selling mixed-metal styles include polished and antiqued versions of silver, gold, copper and brass, as well as the ever-popular gunmetal finish.

Better-Call Saul Bracelet

Looking forward to “Better Call Saul”

Really looking forward to “Better Call Saul” which is the new AMC “Breaking Bad” spin off starting early next year. The character Saul Goodman grew on me with every “Breaking Bad” episode even if he was somewhat of a shyster. Recently I also had the opportunity, through The Artisan Group®, to gift a piece of jewelry to the wardrobe stylist for consideration of use on the “Better Call Saul” show.

This opportunity with the Artisan Group® really excited me since this is a TV show I plan on watching! I decided on this bracelet by thinking back to different types of jewelry that might be found in the time period that this show will take place. I used an aquamarine colored crystal as a sort of pre Breaking Bad Blue and combined it with black to contrast that emergent color symbol.

Crossing my fingers about this bracelet, but even more so I am really looking forward to seeing what type of comedy-drama and character styles will be revealed in this new series. Will you be tuning in to watch “Better Call Saul” next year? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


What Happened to the Etsy Front Page?

I know I am not the only person selling on Etsy who wonders what happened to the Etsy Front Page, Where is the featured Etsy Treasury and what is the incentive to continue making an Etsy Treasury? I had lots of questions :?: and not many answers, so did a little digging in the Etsy Forums and came up with some information to share for those of you who have questions too.

What Happened to the Etsy Front Page

The link above is a thread that has a lot of discussion in the Etsy Forums about the changes. I am just thankful that I still have my Etsy Shop banner and they haven’t done anymore messing around with individual Etsy Shop layouts.


New Etsy Front Page Feed

New and Improved Etsy Front Page

The new Etsy Front Page has a continuous feed of items that they think you might like, based on your favorite items and favorite sellers.  They mention that treasuries may surface on the front page, and I believe that means when you or your favorite sellers make or favorite a treasury, then it shows up as a small image along with the mix of other items.

They say it’s “A New More Democratic Homepage”.  8O Really? What if I want a Republican or Independent homepage? That reference totally leaves a bad taste in my mouth! But I do see the logic of populating the front page with lots of items (similar to Pinterest) instead of the sixteen items it used to show.

Treasuries are a great marking tool, but now that they won’t be used on the Etsy Front page, I have questions to research for the future,

  1. Why spend an hour or two making a really cool treasury if it doesn’t have the chance to make the front page?
  2. Does that mean I can now make treasuries to market my own products?
  3. What about using more than one item from a shop?

A Crisp Morning Treasury. The one time that I had an item in an Etsy Front Page treasury.

Focusing on teams. friends and themes, the treasury acts like a digital advertising flyer that can be sent anywhere! So I will continue to use them and appreciate the times I am included in another persons treasury. But gone are the days and the thrill of having your item seen in a treasury on the Etsy Front Page.

I would love to have feedback and comments on this topic!

#FLBlogCon 2014 Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference


FLBlogCon2014 Florida Blogger Conference

This past weekend I attended FLBlogCon 2014 Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference for bloggers throughout the state. I discovered FLBLogCon earlier this year and signed up so that I could learn more about writing a blog. I have been blogging for several years but never really considered myself a blogger until I realized that my blog content worked in conjunction with my website, and in some cases totally separate.

If you have started a blog or are thinking about it, I highly recommend this conference for Floridians!


Orange County Mayor Jacobs gave a welcome speech to the FLBlogCon

The day was extremely interesting and filled with knowledge of all kinds, held at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. The Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs stopped by to give us all a big welcome and then the conference began with a motivating opening keynote speech by Ted Murphy, CEO of Izea.

There were a large number of speakers on a wide range of topics which covered:

  • Starting and Growing a Blog
  • Content Creation (writing, photography, etc)
  • Different Social Media Tools & Strategies

I took three pages of notes on different ideas to grow my blog, ways to integrate my blog content with sponsors, I made some great connections and new friends. I was really surprised at the number of sponsors and the huge amount of support for the blogging community.

Barnies CoffeeKitchen supplied the much needed caffeine to start the day, and an awesome lunch was provided by Tijuana Flats! A big thanks to them for providing food selections for us vegetarians!


Hunger Hero T-shirt and Award from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

I was really delighted to learn that my recent blog post about holding an online food drive to help fight hunger: Hungry for Beads or Hungry for Food? was selected as the winner of a really cool Hunger Hero T-shirt and dinner for two by the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida!!


Lots of great SWAG from Ford and other sponsors

Everyone walked away with lots of information and a big blue SWAG bag filled with goodies from Southern Ford Dealers, Brighthouse, Juice Plus+, Florida Dairy Farmers Association, MuskIt, Body Check Journal, and lots more!

Do you write a blog? For entrepreneurs, have you considered how valuable an online blog might be to your small business?

Let me know what you think!