2015 Holiday Gift Guide from The Aritisan Group

This Holiday Gift Guide is the ultimate guide to unique gifts that are handmade from the talented members of The Artisan Group.

This gift guide includes a variety of gift ideas for women which includes handcrafted jewelry, aromatherapy and bath gift sets, and even a Christmas bow for dog collars!

No matter who is on your gift list this year, find just the right gift for them at these Etsy Shops where each item is made from the heart!

‘Holiday Gifts for 2015 from The Artisan Group’ by beadloverskorner

Beautiful gift ideas from members of The Artisan Group

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JOY – Leather Journal, Leath…


Lemongrass Gift Set Goat Mil…


Grey silver glass pearl wedd…




Christmas Collar Flower / Pi…


iPhone 5 Case iPhone 4 Case …


Silver Night Crystal Pendant…


Sea Glass Jewelry green Chri…


Red Stainless Steel Ring for…


Earrings Rose Gold Swarovski…


Golden Gate Sofa Pillow, San…


Wide green bead embroidery b…


Gatsby Flapper Girl Crochet …


Rose gold necklace – pear s…


Framed Clutch Purse in Silve…


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Pre Black Friday Sales on beads, charms and more!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

Black Friday is a great time for everyone to find deals on gifts for loved ones, but it’s also a great time to buy beads, charms and jewelry making supplies!

Fire Mountain has a fantastic sale going on with almost 7000 items at unheard of prices! Their sale includes many brand names including:

  • Swarovski
  • Blue Moon Beads
  • Hill Tribe
  • and LOTS more!

Customer Appreciation Coupon Code

Better still they are hosting a Customer Appreciation Event with a coupon code, where customers can save $10, $15 or $20 off their order.

Click here to shop and use Fire Mountain Gems Coupon Code: THANKS good now through November 25, 2015 11:59Pm PDT

If you’ve been buying your beads at Fire Mountain for any length of time then you know that Fire Mountain Gems coupon codes are super rare, but it’s only good  until November 25, so use it now!

Beads Black Friday
Great deal on beads from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Pre Black Friday Sale

Pre Black Friday Sale at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 

Below are a few products included in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Pre Black Friday Sale, which features almost 7,000 items up to 77% off.

Purple Teardrop and Marquise
Necklace and Earring Set

Retail Price: $2.95
Sale Price: $0.74

Hemalyke™ Rondelle Beads
16-inch Strand

Retail Price: $2.93
Sale Price: $1.16

Sterling Silver 13mm
Toggle Clasp

Retail Price: $15.23
Sale Price: $7.82

Antique Sterling Silver
Fleur-de-Lis Charm

Retail Price: $11.35
Sale Price: $5.37

Egyptian Red and Dark Green Glass Rhinestone Bead
Retail Price: $13.27
Sale Price: $6.42

Millefiore Marbled Glass Beads
8-inch Strand

Retail Price: $10.80
Sale Price: $5.38

Celestial Crystal® Gold Glass Teardrop, 16-inch Strand
Retail Price: $8.88
Sale Price: $4.28

Sterling Silver
Celtic Knot Pendant

Retail Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $9.97

Peridot Mini Chip Beads
36-inch Strand

Retail Price: $5.16
Sale Price: $2.63

Style definition for Etsy listing attributes

Here you will find a style definition or guide for each of the 50 style types that are optional attributes in the sell on etsy form.

They drive me crazy! I don’t know or remember some of them and always have to look them up, so I decided to make this list.

Ever look at one like “Kitsch” and just say what the heck is that? Some of the styles are pretty self-explanatory and the others you are like WTF?

I started this list and was about halfway through and have decided to go ahead and publish what I have, so list will be a list in progress… :)

According to Etsy these styles are optional and not necessary, but when you are trying to be found on Etsy every thing counts!

50 style attributes in Etsy listing form (not complete)

  1. Abstract  – anything that doesn’t fall under another category :)
  2. African  – bright and bold colors and lines, jungle animal patterns, tribal
  3. Art Deco  – rich colors, geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation
  4. Art Nouveau  – curved lines, flowery
  5. Asian  – This is really hard to define in a short description because it can encompass a very large global area and many time periods. So for now, for the sake of jewelry lets just say oriental, eastern religions and designs which have a non-western flair.
  6. Athletic  – Anything sporty or having to do with sports
  7. Avant Garde  – Experimental & innovative designs
  8. Beach  – Ocean themed, seahorse, shells, ocean colors, etc.
  9. Boho  – Bohemian gypsy “floaty” style clothes, boots, folksy
  10. Burlesque – theatrical or risqué
  11. Cottage Chic – (or Shabby Chic) pastel colors and flower patterns, also repainted or finished items where some of the original shows through
  12. Country Western – Cowboy Hat, boots, leather belt, bolo tie
  13. Edwardian – Very similar to Victorian style however clothing was a little more relaxed and hem lines were shorter, this time period was very brief
  14. Fantasy – This style seems to encompass medieval styles and steampunk styles
  15. Folk – folk style or folk art is decorative and utilitarian as opposed to strictly aesthetic, traditional rules for perspective and proportion are not used.
  16. Goth – Goth is a subgenre of Gothic styles and is mainly characterized with the use of all black clothing, nails, hair, etc. But it can be colorful using dark and dramatic hues.
  17. High Fashion – Exclusive, custom fitted, strictly handmade using difficult time-consuming techniques
  18. Hip Hop – Styles associated with Rap music, DJing or break dancing. Usually baggy pants, t-shirts, chains.
  19. Hippie –
  20. Hipster
  21. Historical
  22. Hollywood Regency
  23. Industrial
  24. Kawaii
  25. Kitsch
  26. Mediterranean
  27. Mid Century
  28. Military
  29. Mod
  30. Modern – A sort of generic term for anything that’s made now and is the typical example of it’s time. The thing about the modern attribute tag here is that it will put a modern angle on anything else you choose.
  31. Nautical
  32. NeoClassical – Ancient Greece or Rome
  33. Preppy
  34. Primitive
  35. Regency
  36. Renaissance
  37. Resort – “Cruise Wear”, upscale
  38. Rocker
  39. Rustic
  40. Sci Fi
  41. Southwestern
  42. Spooky
  43. Steampunk
  44. Techie
  45. Traditional
  46. Tribal
  47. Victorian
  48. Waldorf
  49. Woodland
  50. Zen Style – This style is also an oriental style but mostly focussing on clean lines, simplicity, peaceful and meditative, having to do with Buddha, inner peace and calm.

If you are looking for one that isn’t defined then try this list I came across on the Etsy forums. This list of attributes was done by sparrowsalvage several years ago, and I will be incorporating some of her definitions also.

What is Steampunk?

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

I know you have seen this term used, but what is steampunk really? Look up this term on Google and you get this definition:

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

“Steampunk” style carries an inventive, time-merged feel, combining science fiction with Victorian style, complete with antique technology and steam-powered inventions that sprang to life during the late 19th century.

Steampunk encompasses all art forms and many other time-periods including the wild west, alternative worlds and universes as well as futuristic science fiction and fantasy.

Imagine dreaming about something futuristic and then trying to build it with rustic parts and pieces that are only available in your current time period.

The waste-not-want-not philosophy of Steampunk is embraced by many people because it runs contrary to the disposable culture we live in today.

Making Steampunk Jewelry

Within the steampunk style, special emphasis is placed on repurposing lost treasures and incorporating mechanical materials with imaginary functionality into jewelry designs.

Futuristic “Steampunk” Ray Gun earrings

The above picture shows my own attempt at making futuristic ray guns out of parts and pieces I had in one of my “stray bead” boxes.

This avant-garde style is best done when you are in a particularly creative mental state. For so many of us different focal bead shapes, colors and unique findings are what fuels our imagination and creativity.

See the Best Sellers below to add to your “stash” for Steampunk Jewelry designs!

More Steampunk

Landmark charm beads are sterling silver memories

Landmark Charm Beads or European bead for bracelets make great gifts for women and are available to add to travel bracelets as sterling silver memories!

They are compatible with Pandora, Chamilia, Carlo Biagi and all of the different brands of trendy European style bracelet chains.

There are currently over 70 different highly detailed Landmark beads representing locations from around the world and the United States.

Landmark Charm Beads make great gifts

Landmark charm beads make great gifts for travelers, gifts for Mom, girlfriends and anyone who loves to travel.

There are currently over 70 highly detailed Landmark beads representing locations from around the world and the United States.

Vienna-opera house
Vienna Opera House Landmark Charm Bead. Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

You can find the Landmark Straatsoper Vienna Opera House pictured above, as well as the Landmark Istanbul Blue Mosque or the Landmark Budapest Fisherman’s Bastion shown in the featured image on our website.

A the variety of Landmark Beads from around the world and locations in the United States are available on our website. The variety shown on the website may not always be the same since occasionally they are out of stock.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about these stunning charm beads!

Scarlett Byrne as Nora wears Celtic Dragon Bracelet

Spotted on the wrist of Scarlett Byrne on the Vampire Diaries season 7 premiere was the Celtic Dragon bracelet by Bead Lovers Korner! I was really excited to see that it was chosen to be worn on the show!

The Celtic Dragon bracelet was gifted in consideration for use to the wardrobe stylist team of the CW Network series in a collaborative gift bag from The Artisan Group®.

Bracelet worn by Scarlett Byrne in the first few scenes

Scarlett Bryne as the character “Nora” wears the Celtic Dragon bracelet in the first few scenes of the long-awaited “The Vampire Diaries” season 7 premiere. The TVD episode title “Day One of Twenty-two Thousand, Give or Take” aired on October 8, 2015.

Nora is seen in this tweeted photo below wearing the bracelet, made with red sesame jasper, which complemented the floral theme in her blouse.

Celtic Dragon Bracelet by Bead Lovers Korner, as seen on the season 7 premiere of "The Vampire Diaries".
Celtic Dragon Bracelet by Bead Lovers Korner, as seen on the season 7 premiere of “The Vampire Diaries”. This bracelet is not an imitation, protected by © copyright.

As seen on TV, this bracelet is available for purchase on our website.