Coin jewelry to add to your wish list!

Customizable coin jewelry is sweeping the nation and these beautiful coins have just arrived. Put them on your wish list right now!

If you are not familiar with this new trendy fashion jewelry, then read more about it in our previous post “How to use a coin holder necklace” and then pin it to your “I want” board on Pinterest or add it to your Christmas wish list!

New Carlo Biagi Coins include Om symbols, Cross hatch with Swarovski and Hamsa Hand

New coins for coin jewelry

Carlo Biagi Coin Jewelry is customizable and consists of a coin holder and interchangelable coins that create a pendant. These new coins raise the Carlo Biagi Coin count to 70 choices to use in your own custom coin jewelry!

Tree of Life and Morning Skies ( Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner) Carlo Biagi coins

Coins are made with the highest quality materials including Swarovski crystal, cubic zirconia and high-grade stainless steel to create gorgeous custom jewelry pendants to match your lifestyle.

The metal color of the coin does not matter when adding them to coin holders, so don’t hesitate to be free with your expression and experiment with colors!

Morning Skies Coin shown with rose gold. Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

The beautiful Morning Skies coin is yellow gold-plated but is displayed using a rose gold coin holder and rose gold chain.

Unisex appeal

The coin holder can also be used as a”unisex” option for men who love to wear statement necklaces. They are perfect gift ideas for women too!

Be sure to add this to your “wish list” and check back often for new coins and ideas!

Compare to Lucet Mundi, Mi Moneda, Nikki Lissoni and other coin jewelry and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below :)

Awesome beads for Halloween ideas – bats, zombies, and gargoyles

October is coming so it’s time for Halloween ideas for jewelry and here are some awesome beads including bats, zombies and gargoyles, oh my!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year and I love all of the ghostly and ghastly costumes, movies, and wearing creepy jewelry to work and parties.

So if you are thinking about making something new, check out these really cool beads from Green Girl Studios.

Green Girl Studios Halloween bat bead, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

Cool bat beads for Halloween ideas

I have accumulated a nice collection beads and jewelry making supplies that are perfect for Halloween ideas! Great for spooky jewelry designs or other Halloween crafts. This Halloween Bat bead is the perfect touch when making something with Vampires on the mind.

Zombie Bead
Zombie bead by Green Girls Studios, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

The walking dead anyone?

This zombie bead is so detailed and just an awesome bead for Halloween, and also the start of the new season of “The Walking Dead” series and “Fear the Walking Dead”.

Gargoyle bead
Green Girl Studios Gargoyle bead, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner


The actual use of Gargoyles was meant to scare off evil spirits and be a form of protection, but these gargoyle beads are still really freaky looking and are a great addition to Halloween jewelry.

Skull Bead
Green Girl Studios Smiling Skull bead, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner
And don’t forget about skulls!

Halloween would not be complete without skull beads! Skulls conjure up ideas of death and creepy feelings, but they too were traditionally used as a form of protection and to scare off bad spirits.

Please Note: Green Girl Beads DO NOT FIT ON PANDORA bracelets.

All of these really cool Green Girl Studios beads are made of pewter and the beads are fairly large, so they would be perfect as a focal bead or pendant, plus they are really affordable since Pewter is a lot less expensive than Sterling Silver.

Green Girl Studios beads, clasps, and findings are available at Bead Lovers Korner Etsy Shop.

Autism and ADHD Awareness

I didn’t plan on writing about Autism and ADHD until I learned about World Autism Awareness Day and ADHD Awareness Month. The whole subject brings up years of memories and personal experience raising children with ADHD, a developmental disorder that people do not understand.

While I didn’t raise Autistic children, I know the hardship of fitting the pieces together to get through life with ADHD. Support groups and awareness days were non-existent at that time.


Autism Puzzle Piece European Bead

Autism and ADHD Awareness

Autism Awareness and ADHD or any sort of “developmental disorder” awareness is not just for parents but also for educators and other people in society.

Speaking from the viewpoint of the parent I can tell you that if you suspect your child is different, learn all you can about the disorder. Doctors have a lot of knowledge, but in many cases they don’t know anymore than you do. So educate yourself on everything.

The same goes for teachers. Regular education teachers are not as well equipped to deal with Autistic children or children with ADHD. Teachers are people just like anyone else and can become annoyed or judge a child without getting to the root of the problem.

The sobering fact is that most people don’t know a thing about any of these developmental disorders and are highly judgmental toward the child and the parents.

The next time you see a child throwing a fit in public, running around in circles or knocking things over, don’t judge the parent or the child, say a prayer for them instead because you don’t know what they might be going through.

Autism Puzzle Piece Charm with Swarovski Crystal

Struggling through daily life

If you are struggling through daily life with a child who is Autistic, ADHD, etc. let me tell you that the road is rough. Sometimes it is hard to fit all the pieces together, but you will get through it.

Always remind yourself of these few things:

  1. God gave you this child because you are strong enough to handle it
  2. Take it one day at a time
  3. Stay in the present. Don’t look too far ahead or too far back, it is all overwhelming
  4. Try to find a support group or someone to confide in and bounce off your frustrations
  5. Take time for yourself whenever you can, you need renewal of energy
  6. Get out of the house. It is very easy to become secluded and home-bound because simply going to dinner or to the grocery store is a traumatic event. Try not to let that happen, and also realize that the child, even with his or her disorder, still needs to learn to behave in public.

Keeping in focus

Parents and educators (both the regular and the special education teacher) need to always keep in focus: to love and educate the child. I know it’s hard sometimes, but the reward at the end is immense.

The most rewarding day of my life was seeing my sons graduate from High School, no one really knew how hard it was to get to that moment. But I did.

Looking for craft lights? Try Beam n Read!

If you have been looking for craft lights, then try Beam n Read®! This craft lamp proves to be excellent for arts and crafts lighting and one of the most versatile craft lights for busy jewelry makers and crafters.

Beam n Read LED Hands-free Craft Light, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

I recently had the opportunity to use and review the Beam n Read® LED6m Hands-free craft light. ASF Lightware Solutions gave me an LED6m craft light and USB adapter to try out and review.

There are so many benefits and cool features to these LED lights that I don’t know where to begin!

Beam n Read with magnifiers
Beam n Read comes with magnifiers, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner

Extremely versatile craft lights

The Beam n Read® craft lights come with 3 plastic fresnel lenses (flat) to magnify your work. The 4″ x 5″ plastic lens snaps easily into an adjustable clip to create a light with a magnifier. Choose from 2x, 4x or 6x magnification so you can see your detail work!

Beam n Read® is a hands-free light that has accessory magnifiers – it is not a lighted magnifier.

Light weight and hands free so you can see to bead or craft, at home or on the go

This hands-free craft light has an adjustable elastic strap to use around the neck. The unit is very light in weight (approx. 6.8 ounces) so you hardly know it’s there.

The LED light panel has three height adjustments so you can change the direction of the beam as needed. You can also switch between low (uses 3 lights) or high (uses all 6 lights).

Bead n Read can be set up as a mini table lamp

This can also be set up as a temporary mini table lamp for jewelry making and crafts. This is great to take with you to craft shows for minor repairs or while traveling on vacation.

Extremely portable and perfect for when you are on the go but don’t want to drag your whole studio with you.

Find beads on floor
Pick up beads that have dropped on the carpet and scattered all over the floor!

Have you ever spilled beads all over the carpet or floor? Of course you have, it happens to everyone!

I found this hands-free light very useful for searching for my spilled beads that scattered everywhere! Small beads bounce into the darkest corners of the room, but the wide beam of the LED6m craft light was extremely helpful to use while crawling around searching for them.

So many ways to use Bead n Read®

There are so many ways to use this craft light! I came up with a few examples of ways to use this and I know there are many more!

  • Take with you to craft fairs for minor repairs
  • Traveling for work or vacation
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Knitting or crocheting while watching tv or in a waiting room
  • Embroidery projects
  • Sewing and mending
  • Use as a book light for reading
  • Great for power outages

Important product details and where to buy

  1. Lightweight and portable worn-around-the-neck design
  2. Wide and adjustable light using 3 or 6 small LED bulbs across
  3. The 3 LED light setting is brighter than the leading brand’s 6 LED light
  4. Zoom in to your work with large clip-on magnifiers (4” x 5” lenses) These magnifiers are not low vision aids
  5. Save money with longer battery runtime using fewer batteries over time
  6. Uses AA batteries, (a popular battery size worldwide)
  7. Available for purchase on
Beam n Read USB/AC Power Kit, Photo Copyright © 2015 Bead Lovers Korner
USB/AC Power Kit (optional accessory)

Save on batteries by plugging in with this optional accessory kit! Includes a 6 foot USB cable,  a 6 foot USB extension and a USB/AC adapter. That is 12 feet of cable!

**USB Power option enables use of external power sources. It does not recharge batteries.

Learn how to use this Swarovski pendant in jewelry making ideas

Jewelry making ideas for Swarovski Coral Bead
Swarovski crystal focal, Crystal Passions®, crystal copper, 30x23mm faceted 3-sprig coral pendant
This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

Jewelry making ideas below show how to use this gorgeous Swarovski crystal focal bead to create a stunning pendant or earring designs.

This beautifully asymmetric Swarovski crystal coral bead is inspired by nature and draws on the mysterious beauty of the ocean’s coral, as well as the play of light on the water’s surface. The intricate facets reflect rainbow rays for maximum brilliance.

This stunning focal piece can be used to make handcrafted jewelry and other types of craft projects for home decor. Be sure to check out the tutorials below to help get you started and learn to how to make a necklace or how to make beaded earrings.

Three jewelry making ideas with Swarovski crystal focal pendant

Be sure to check all three of these ideas, and let me know what you think.

Do these beading tutorials help you come up with other great ideas? I would love creating a beautiful necklace or even an ocean themed sun catcher to hang up and reflect the sunshine!

Where to find the best wire wrapping tutorials

I love to wire wrap when I have time and I have discovered the best wire wrapping tutorials by Donna Spadafore at Gailavira Jewelry.

Beaded Cross Pendant and other wire wrapping tutorials

Beaded cross ornament for Christian Gifts

I happened to find this beaded cross tutorial by Gailavira (which is free, by the way) so I downloaded it, grabbed some practice wire, extra beads I had and started making crosses!

I found this tutorial to be very informative and easy to follow, full of easy to see directional photos and well written steps.

Similar to the reasons for why I love making rosaries,  making these wire wrapped crosses was wonderfully satisfying and rewarding.

I made one into a bookmark by adding hemp cord and matching beads, then sent it to my mother. She in turn gave it to one of the clergymen at her church, who was amazed and told her he would cherish it forever!

Beaded Crosses using wire wrapping tutorial by Gailavira

Each step-by-step wire jewelry tutorial at Gailavira Jewelry will teach you how to make beautiful wire wrapped custom jewelry to wear, give as unique gifts or include with your beaded designs and other jewelry making ideas.

I bought the sword pendant tutorial and can’t wait to sit and make some cool jeweled swords for gothic style necklaces and mens jewelry.

There are also several FREE tutorials including basic weaving and how-tos for wrapping briolettes and making headpins! Check them out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.