Hematite Jewelry Handmade Gifts for Members of the Press

I signed up to send Hematite Jewelry as my handmade jewelry gifts for members of the Press who attend GBK’s Celebrity Gift Lounge honoring the MTV Movie Awards Nominees and Presenters. This great opportunity is one of the benefits of being a member of The Artisan Group!

The Artisan Group Badge

I just love crystals and stones, so I decided to make pendant necklaces with Hematite Spheres. I ordered all of my jewelry making supplies and when I received the spheres I had to laugh because by themselves they were like little cannon balls!

Wire wrapping Hematite Spheres to make pendants

It took me several days, but once I added some wire and swirls the little “cannon balls” transformed into beautiful Hematite Jewelry.

Wire Wrapped Hematite Sphere pendants for members of the press

Hematite stones have beneficial metaphysical and spiritual properties and are a popular stone for crystal healing. When I made my necklace cards I also included a few of these properties on the back (a benefit of making your own jewelry cards, click here to see this FREE tutorial)

These are all packaged in organza bags and ready to ship to the event. It will be exciting to see who will receive them!

Leave a comment and let me know what do you think?

Packaged in light purple organza bags with information on the back of necklace card

Angels Guard Thee – Inspiration for Handcrafted Jewerly

This Angels Guard Thee pebble bead by Green Girl Studios made me curious. A Google search for the phrase “Angels Guard Thee” lead to this inspiring music that moved me to tears. What beauty unfolds in the imagination from this melody and verse!! I hope this inspires you to design and create a meaningful piece of jewelry.

I am not sure what caused Green Girl Studios to create this little bead, but I am thankful that it lead me to experience this moving music.

This lullaby (berceuse) comes from the 1888 Opera “Jocelyn” by Benjamin Goddard and is sung by Kenneth McKellar.

Angels Guard Thee

Beneath the quivering leaves, where shelter comes at last,
All sadness sinks to rest, or glides into the past.
Her sweet eyes prismed now in their soft silken bowers,
Oh my love, calm she sleeps beneath the trembling stars.

Awake not yet from thy repose,
A fair dream spirit hovers near thee,
Weaving a web of gold and rose,
Through dreamland’s happy isles to bear thee.
Sleep, love, it is not yet the dawn,
Angels guard thee, sweet love, till morn.

Far from the noisy throng, by song birds lulled to rest,
Where rock the branches high by breezes soft caressed;
Softly the days go on, by sorrow all unharmed,
Thus may life be to thee a sweet existence charmed.

Awake not yet from thy repose,
A fair dream spirit hovers near thee,
Weaving a web of gold and rose,
Through dreamland’s happy isles to bear thee.
Sleep, love, it is not yet the dawn,
Angels guard thee, sweet love, till morn.

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Ideas and Inspiration for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Looking for Ideas and Inspiration for Teacher Appreciation Gifts or other unique gifts for special people? I just received some jewelry making pendants and findings from Green Girl Studios and I was overcome with ideas for uses of this special little pendant. I am sharing my thoughts since they might be just the right inspiration for someone.

Making a key chain, bookmark, necklace or other beaded jewelry with this You Are Special Pendant would be great for any of the following:

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Regular Education Teacher Appreciation Gift
  • Parents of Children with Special Needs
  • Medallion for a Special Needs Child
  • Unique Gift for people who suffer from depression
  • Award Medal for participation in a special function
  • Gifts for Best Friends

These are just a few ideas for the creation of something really meaningful. I raised children with ADHD (see my previous blog post) and met some very dedicated Special Education Teachers that this little pendant would have been perfect for making a unique gift.

Comment below if this gives you any special inspiration! See other Green Girl Studios items in my Etsy Shop!

Calling all UFO Researchers and Alien Conspiracy Theorists: It’s a Cookbook

I just can’t pass up posting this Etsy Treasury that goes straight to my heart and the heart of UFO Researchers, Alien Conspiracy theorists and “Twilight Zone” Fans. This collection comes from “The Outer Limits” of Etsy and holds a place of honor on my blog.

‘It’s A Cookbook! It’s A Cookbook!’ by FunkyJunkyGypsy

UFO Cow Abduction necklace (…


Lunchbox, UFO, TV Show, Vint…


aqua oddball with double red…


Rocket Vinyl Wall Decal for …


Friendly Little Green Alien …


Space Adventure Clip art 01


Alien Planet Jewelry Unique …


Alien Gift Exchange


spaceship wall stencil, nurs…


Luggage tags space aliens ro…


patch ALIEN UFO applique – E…


Alien Nursery Art – Alien Il…


Instant Download Amigurumi C…


Aliens vs. Nasa


Ceramic Blue Purple Candleho…


NKAL14 – Alien (ET) head Nec…


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Unique Valentines Day Hearts for Inspirational Jewelry

Valentines Day is approaching and these unique Valentines Day Hearts are perfect for inspirational jewelry.  Jewelry making ideas are often inspired by really cool beads, and below are a few examples of the unique beads from Green Girl Studios.

Click on the photos for more information.

Green Girl Studios Laced Heart. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Ordinary heart beads and jewelry making supplies are everywhere, but all of the designs from Green Girl Studios are interesting, unique and are excellent for making meaningful beaded jewelry. Making custom jewelry by hand for family or friends is such a special and unforgettable gift!

Green Girl Studios Unbreakable Heart. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Check out the selection of beads, clasps and jewelry findings from Green Girl Studios in the Bead Lovers Korner Etsy Shop. These beads are made from Lead Free Pewter and make a great focal piece on bracelets or necklaces. Check them out and Be(ad) Inspired!

Locked Heart
Green Girl Studios Locked Heart. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner