Where to Find Pyramid Stones and Crystals

Years ago I was at an Intergalactic Bead Show and came upon a vendor selling Pyramid shape stones and crystals. I was smitten! I have always been fascinated with the Pyramids of Egypt and there was just something “necessary” about having one made of stone. I bought a small Lapis Lazuli pyramid (featured above) which sits on my desk, and I recently discovered I could collect more of these Pyramid stones at Healing Crystals.

Below are the choices at the top of my list! Click the picture to learn more about each stone.
Pyramid - Golden Tiger Eye Pyramids

Golden Tiger Eye Pyramid – for its ability to attract spiritual energy yet still keep you grounded. This polished stone is just gorgeous.
Pyramid - Amethyst Pyramids
Amethyst Pyramid – Purple is one of my favorite colors and the amethyst is a soothing, powerful and protective stone.

Pyramid - Clear Quartz Pyramids
Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid – to help energize and amplify my creativity.

Jewelry Making Supplies Galore!

My favorite place to shop for Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies is Fire Mountain Gems! They have great products and prices, I have never been disappointed with a purchase! They are having a huge end of the year sale, so check these items out for some great deals on beads!

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Swarovski Crystal

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Gift Ideas for Women

Bead Lovers Korner has great gift ideas for women and a limited time offer to receive an extra gift with each purchase! This special offer is good through the holidays, while supplies last.

Over the years I have accumulated a large amount of beads and jewelry, but with the many changes in Facebook, eBay, Google search, etc., the products and information are just not seen by enough buyers. I am not Kay Jewelers, Walmart or Target so I can not afford to pay for tons of advertising! Offer Ended…This year I am offering a gift with each purchase on our website through December 20th as a holiday promotion and to help clean up my bead and jewelry stash!

The website features Handmade Jewelry, Rosaries, European Beads and Charms, Coin Jewelry, Gifts for little girls and more.

Free Shipping via First Class Mail is also available with purchases over $25.00! The website is mobile friendly and purchases can be made with iPhones, iPads or other mobile devices too!

Butterfly Coin is Stunning Addition to Coin Holder Necklaces for Women

The sparking Butterfly Coin from Carlo Biagi makes a stunning addition to Coin Holder Pendant Necklaces for Women. When searching for unique gift ideas these lovely interchangeable coins are a perfect solution.

Carlo Biagi Butterfly Coin. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

The silver plated stainless steel coin is filled with black and clear Swarovski Crystals in this beautiful butterfly jewelry design.

Coin is 33mm and raised slightly for a 3D effect. Compatible with Nikki Lissoni Medium Coin Holders and similar to other brands such as Mi Moneda. Insert the coin into a Carlo Biagi Coin Holder and slip onto a necklace chain, change the coin for a new look at any time.

Side View of Butterfly Coin. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Click here to view the complete Carlo Biagi Coin Collection 

Beads and Charms for Bracelets are Perfect Gift Ideas for Women

This Holiday Gift Guide spotlights beautiful beads and charms for bracelets that are available to adorn European Style Charm Bead Jewelry. Below are some perfect gift ideas for women.

Charms for Bracelets Holiday Gift Guide’ by beadloverskorner

Charms for bracelets make excellent gift ideas for Mom, Gifts for a Girlfriend, Sisters and more!

Red Christmas Bead, European…


May Birthstone European Bead…


Golden Autumn Large hole bea…


European charm beads, Large …


Live Love Laugh Rainbow Euro…


Rolling Stones – Reds .. Bea…


ON SALE 25% OFF Glass Lampwo…


Sterling Silver Bead Green P…


Pikalda : Handmade Lampwork …


European charm dangle bead -…


Swarovski Crystal Heart Euro…


ON SALE 25% OFF Glass Lampwo…


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How to Use a Coin Holder Necklace

This info graphic illustrates how to use a Coin Holder Necklace and how easy it is to change and create personalized custom jewelry. These make great gift ideas for women!

  1. Select a Necklace Chain
  2. Select a Coin Holder and open
  3. Choose from a Variety of Coins and slip inside the coin holder
  4. Add to the selected chain

Another use for the Coin Holder

Coin Holder Open
Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Open Carlo Biagi Coin Holder and insert a United States 50 cent piece (half dollar coin). Close and attach to necklace chain.

Biagi Coin Holder with Half Dollar
Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner