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Buy a Coin Holder and a Coin – get a FREE Silver Chain. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

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Ideas and Inspiration for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Looking for Ideas and Inspiration for Teacher Appreciation Gifts or other unique gifts for special people? I just received some jewelry making pendants and findings from Green Girl Studios and I was overcome with ideas for uses of this special little pendant. I am sharing my thoughts since they might be just the right inspiration for someone.

Making a key chain, bookmark, necklace or other beaded jewelry with this You Are Special Pendant would be great for any of the following:

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Regular Education Teacher Appreciation Gift
  • Parents of Children with Special Needs
  • Medallion for a Special Needs Child
  • Unique Gift for people who suffer from depression
  • Award Medal for participation in a special function
  • Gifts for Best Friends

These are just a few ideas for the creation of something really meaningful. I raised children with ADHD (see my previous blog post) and met some very dedicated Special Education Teachers that this little pendant would have been perfect for making a unique gift.

Comment below if this gives you any special inspiration! See other Green Girl Studios items in my Etsy Shop!

Calling all UFO Researchers and Alien Conspiracy Theorists: It’s a Cookbook

I just can’t pass up posting this Etsy Treasury that goes straight to my heart and the heart of UFO Researchers, Alien Conspiracy theorists and “Twilight Zone” Fans. This collection comes from “The Outer Limits” of Etsy and holds a place of honor on my blog.

‘It’s A Cookbook! It’s A Cookbook!’ by FunkyJunkyGypsy

UFO Cow Abduction necklace (…


Lunchbox, UFO, TV Show, Vint…


aqua oddball with double red…


Rocket Vinyl Wall Decal for …


Friendly Little Green Alien …


Space Adventure Clip art 01


Alien Planet Jewelry Unique …


Alien Gift Exchange


spaceship wall stencil, nurs…


Luggage tags space aliens ro…


patch ALIEN UFO applique – E…


Alien Nursery Art – Alien Il…


Instant Download Amigurumi C…


Aliens vs. Nasa


Ceramic Blue Purple Candleho…


NKAL14 – Alien (ET) head Nec…


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Unique Valentines Day Hearts for Inspirational Jewelry

Valentines Day is approaching and these unique Valentines Day Hearts are perfect for inspirational jewelry.  Jewelry making ideas are often inspired by really cool beads, and below are a few examples of the unique beads from Green Girl Studios.

Click on the photos for more information.

Green Girl Studios Laced Heart. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Ordinary heart beads and jewelry making supplies are everywhere, but all of the designs from Green Girl Studios are interesting, unique and are excellent for making meaningful beaded jewelry. Making custom jewelry by hand for family or friends is such a special and unforgettable gift!

Green Girl Studios Unbreakable Heart. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Check out the selection of beads, clasps and jewelry findings from Green Girl Studios in the Bead Lovers Korner Etsy Shop. These beads are made from Lead Free Pewter and make a great focal piece on bracelets or necklaces. Check them out and Be(ad) Inspired!

Locked Heart
Green Girl Studios Locked Heart. Photo Copyright © 2014 Bead Lovers Korner

Great Picks for January Birthstone Beading Projects

The new year is upon us and looking ahead to January Birthstone beading projects, I found some some great picks to include in jewelry designs. The birthstone for January is Garnet and is frequently used in gifts for people born in this month. While Garnet can come in many colors, the deep red Garnet is most commonly used for the stone of those born in January.

Below are a few cool beads, pendants and findings to inspire and enhance beading projects:

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

Where to Find Pyramid Stones and Crystals

Years ago I was at an Intergalactic Bead Show and came upon a vendor selling Pyramid shape stones and crystals. I was smitten! I have always been fascinated with the Pyramids of Egypt and there was just something “necessary” about having one made of stone. I bought a small Lapis Lazuli pyramid (featured above) which sits on my desk, and I recently discovered I could collect more of these Pyramid stones at Healing Crystals.

Below are the choices at the top of my list! Click the picture to learn more about each stone.
Pyramid - Golden Tiger Eye Pyramids

Golden Tiger Eye Pyramid – for its ability to attract spiritual energy yet still keep you grounded. This polished stone is just gorgeous.
Pyramid - Amethyst Pyramids
Amethyst Pyramid – Purple is one of my favorite colors and the amethyst is a soothing, powerful and protective stone.

Pyramid - Clear Quartz Pyramids
Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid – to help energize and amplify my creativity.