Rose Quartz for Celebrity Moms

I am excited to announce that Rose Quartz stones made into bracelets for 25 Celebrity Moms and 5 members of the Press are on the way to be included with other handmade gifts in The Artisan Group® Mother’s Day Gift Bag. This was an achievement that I can say was a great experience, and I can only hope that these wonderful Mom’s will love wearing this gift that came from my hands and my heart.

I decided to participate in this collaborative gift bag to Hollywood Mothers so that I would have experience in a large production, working my way up to other events with The Artisan Group® that require more products.


TierraCast Silver Plated Pewter Love Mom Charm

I was inspired to make this bracelet by this little charm that I found and decided to combine that with Rose Quartz because of it’s loving and nurturing qualities.

Rose Quartz, also known as the Love Stone, is a crystal of unconditional love, It enhances loving qualities such as compassion, tenderness, comforting, nurturing, etc.

I made a “prototype” and sent a photograph off to the organizers for approval, once it was approved I did the math and then ordered all of the beading supplies I would need to complete these 30 bracelets.


Assembly of Rose Quartz Bracelets at 7-8 per day

I used an assembly process similar to the one I use when making Rosaries, which worked really well and within a few days I was done! OK, well maybe it took a week, I think I took a couple of days in between sessions when I had a lot of orders to ship. The hardest thing to do was get a really good photo for the Gift Guide, I must have taken like 100 shots to get the color of the stones just right!


Happy Mother’s Day Note cards

I decided to create a little “Happy Mother’s Day” note card where I could write a little personal note to each Mom. Then on the other side I wrote a short description of the properties of Rose Quartz along with Care & Cleaning for the bracelet. As I wrote out each card I looked up their names on IMDB and was surprised and tickled to know that a famous movie star might actually hold a piece of jewelry that I made. If I am lucky they might even contact me or look at other items I have available!


Packaging each gift with Bracelet, Note Card, Business Card and gift tag.

I picked my ship date and made sure to assemble each individual gift package, along with the note cards, business card, etc by that date and then “boom” it was done! Time to seal the box and off to FedEx for the journey across country to California!


Ready to seal and take to FedEx!!

Selling Cool Stuff Online


The Challenge of Selling My Cool Stuff Online

Selling your Cool Stuff online as an entrepreneur is a challenge.  Whether you have an Etsy Store, an Ebay Store or sell your handmade gifts at local craft fairs, getting shopper traffic to see your cool stuff is a dilemma.

Last year I made this chart and shared it on my Facebook Fan page, of course not too many people saw it, so I revisited the key points to see what might have changed, and wanted to share these results.


Lots of work on

 Build your Website

Over the past year I have learned a LOT about SEO and my Shopsite shopping cart. I changed my hosting to a company that is a Shopsite expert and upgraded the software to the most current version. This fixed a lot of things that the original ad agency who set up my website did not do correctly, and also made it possible for a few other important things:

  • Mobile browsing with a simple mobile checkout
  • Move blog from Blogspot to Word Press and link to website
  • Insert products into Google Shopping

All of the above improvements have increased the orders on my website from like one or two a month to nearly one a day! I am slowly inserting more and more products, so I expect that number to increase over the next year!


Selling My Cool Stuff outside in the hot sun, no thanks!

Set Up at Local Fairs

My opinion hasn’t changed on this, no sense in using my energy to set up tables under the hot sun or in a tent so that people can look at my beaded jewelry and say “Oh how pretty, I can make that!”


Put it on Ebay

I made all the changes Ebay wanted last year, and now again this year there are more changes, although not as drastic. I have decided that the “Variations” option is only good if your product is selling, otherwise the item just sinks lower and lower in search. I changed many of my titles for the New Cassini search engine and I do think that helped somewhat. Even though I don’t spend much time working on the Bead Lovers Korner Ebay Store, Ebay has a lot of traffic and somehow I manage to have a good volume of sales.

List on Etsy

Not much has changed here, I keep a lot of popular items there as well as new handmade creations. The great things about Etsy are the teams and the awesome tips and ideas they give to you to help you be successful, not to mention the fact that the fees are lower. I get a fair amount of traffic to the Bead Lovers Korner Etsy Shop, and the sales are steady.


Facebook Page

I officially quit giving Facebook any advertising money at the end of last year. I did not see much of a return from the money I spent with them in recent years. I do keep my Bead Lovers Korner facebook page updated, but I am not wasting any more money on advertising there. Even though I am no longer advertising for likes, etc. I still keep getting new fans, and it is weird because a lot of them are from foreign countries and I can’t even read their names!!

In closing, lots of work on updating and building my own website and blog has proven to be the most beneficial this past year.

Leave a comment and tell us what has helped your online sales!

Beading Design Contest Winner


The Winner of the J.E.M. Beading Design Contest, by Karla’s Krystals

Last month I hosted a Beading Design Contest for jewelry Excellence and invited everyone to send in a picture of a recent jewelry piece they had created.  We had five contestants and the above design by Karlas Krystals was the winner.

I asked Karla to tell us a little about how she got started making beaded jewelry. She told me

“It was in December of 2012 and I wanted to do a fundraiser for a friend of mine, her name is Megan and 22 years of age with stage 4 lung cancer. My goal was to have the fundraiser before she passed away, unfortunately that did not happen as Megan passed away on the 3rd of December and the fundraiser was on the 16th.”

Karla said that the fundraiser still went on, in hopes of a big turnout, but she explained that it didn’t turn out like everyone planned. However they still made some money, although it wasn’t enough to get a headstone for Megan so that her daughter would be able to go and visit. Then Karla revealed that:

“Megan is more then just a friend, Megan is the mom to my daughter-in-law’s niece. This makes Megan Family! My Daughter-in-law had an idea to have another fundraiser in January in Megan’s home town, since that is where Megan is from. After agreeing I wondered what I could make, I told my husband I wanted to try to make jewelry. I got some beads and just started making necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, The fundraiser never took off, however my jewelry has been taken to a whole new level in my life! I have fallen in love with making handmade beaded jewelry and having my ideas come to life, and so has my family and friends, They all keep asking and requesting for more jewelry to buy.

Making jewelry to me is very calming and exciting all in the same setting, now I have made a goal for myself to have my own business and to provide good customer service and quality of work!”

We can all relate to Karla’s last statement, we all love beading and making our creations come to life in colorful brilliance!

Thank you Karla for entering the contest and sharing this heartfelt story of how you began your beading career.  To see more of her creations and learn more about her business please visit her website Karlas Krystals

Leave a comment and tell us how you got started making beaded jewelry designs!

Buzzwords I Hate


List of Buzzwords I Hate

There are many words and phrases that are simply overused and make me cringe every time I hear them. So I decided to make a list of  “Buzzwords” that I truly hate. People tend to parrot others and then these words and terms become <cringe> keywords that are used over and over and over.

The simple solution would be to use a Thesaurus to find another way to say something, but then it wouldn’t be a popular search term and Google wouldn’t have a Keyword Planner.

Starting this list and adding to it…. what are your most despised buzzwords?

  1. Optimization
  2. Transparent
  3. Sustainable
  4. Brand or Branding
  5. Content
  6. Keyword
  7. Going Green
  8. Moving Forward
  9. ROI
  10. Cautiously Optimistic
  11. Synergy
  12. YOLO
  13. Organic (as a business term)
  14. Utilization
  15. Think outside the box
  16. Drive Traffic

Top 5 Selling Tips to Make Money Online


Take great photos to represent your product

If you sell on eBay or are learning how to sell on Etsy, your own website or any other online selling sites, these selling tips will help you get started in your quest of making money online, or at least give you something to think about. I have been selling on the internet since 2001, and have found these 5 tips to be the most important.

1. Take Great Pictures

It isn’t hard to take great pictures, but like anything it does take some practice and a little bit of knowledge. You don’t have to be an expert at photography, and if you don’t have the money to hire someone to do it for you, it is absolutely possible for you to have high quality images of your products.

  • Use a good camera. The prices today are much less than they used to be, but it is worth the investment to get a good camera, for good close up shots get an optical zoom
  • Use a Photo editing program like Photoshop or PicMonkey, or another photo editing program to help with color, contrast and cropping out things you don’t want in your images
  • Check out my blog post on “How to Take Pictures“, it is almost like a “Photography for Dummies” because I know nothing but can still take great pictures

2. Sell Top Quality Products and Keep Them in Stock

A top quality product = happy customers!

I hadn’t been selling online too long when I received some merchandise I thought was a great deal, but it was cheap and low quality, and guess what? The customer thought so too… needless to say I never brought it in my store again

  • You get what you pay for. Cheap or low quality products will guarantee returns and customer complaints
  • Keep items in stock for fast shipping. I always keep what I sell so that I can control how fast it gets shipped, relying on a drop shipper is asking for trouble if you sell on eBay, or anywhere online where fast delivery is important

Offer a variety of Price Points

3. Have a Variety of Price Points

You have to keep a balance of low, medium and high prices so that there is something for everyone. I think there are still people who are leery of shopping online, and maybe even more so after the Target incident this last holiday season. Having all ranges of product pricing will accommodate the skeptical online shopper and the seasoned one.

  • Low, Medium and High Prices for different levels of customers
  • Competitive pricing You have to be somewhat in line with competition, so search out other sellers of your product and compare pricing frequently. Selling too cheap will hurt the value of your brand, and of course you can’t gouge customers either
  • Ability to offer sales  This is a no brainer. Everyone is looking for a deal, so you must have enough product and enough profit margin to offer sales and still make money.

Be Everywhere, Be Social

4. Be Everywhere

Don’t rely on one selling site or your own website, people who surf and shop on the internet are diverse and you should be too. I personally sell on several sites as well as having my own website. Not all people like eBay, some have never heard of Etsy, and your private website may get lost on the internet the way changes occur all the time with search engines.

  • Be established on several online selling sites – eBay, Etsy, Zazzle, Amazon, Bonanza, your own website, etc. Yes, you will have fees, but each selling site has a different clientele and they also advertise for their site and you.
  • Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others help you to find new customers and let them know about your business
  • Join groups This is a great way to network and also establish your online reputation. There are groups on facebook, Linkedin, and other online communities. Etsy has teams that are a great way to share knowledge and support each other through activities, treasuries and more.

Don’t Give Up!

5. Don’t Give Up

One of the top reasons people fail is because they just quit trying, so don’t give up. I know there are stories about how people became millionaires practically overnight by selling online, but those stories are rare. Most of us entrepreneurs get up every day and work tons of hours, then gradually become successful, but being successful doesn’t always mean being rich.

  • Success shouldn’t be measured in dollar figures because there is so much more to life
  • If you give up, then you never know how far you might have made it.
  • Success is a journey to be enjoyed, it’s not about the money!

“There is no failure except in no longer trying” – Elbert Hubbard

“It’s always too soon to quit” – Norman Vincent Peale

Looking for Nikki Lissoni Coin Pendants? Consider Carlo Biagi Coins Instead


Carlo Biagi Swarovski Cabochons in Clear, Blue Zircon, Rose Pink or Peridot Green

You may be searching for where to buy Nikki Lissoni Coin Pendants for yourself or as a Valentine’s Day Gift, but consider Carlo Biagi Coins instead. The Carlo Biagi Coin Collection has a wide selection of 33mm or “Medium” Size Coins that can compare with this brand as well as other popular brands like Lucet Mundi or Mi Moneda.


Carlo Biagi Multi-Color Swarovski Cabochon

What makes Carlo Biagi better? Not only does the Coin Collection have a beautiful array of colors and designs to choose from, it is also backed by the same dedication to complete customer satisfaction and the guarantee of superior quality! Mix and match these and other brand designs to create a new statement necklace for every occasion!


Carlo Biagi has a large selection of Interchangeable Coins

Unique? Yes, that too. Check out all of the beautiful designs and large selection at Bead Lovers Korner where you can order online, 24 hours a day!


Carlo Biagi Pave Cz Crystal Coins

CLOSED – Beading Design Contest for Jewelry Excellence


Bead Lovers Korner J.E.M.

We are having a jewelry beading design contest, to share and see all the beautiful beaded creations that everyone makes! Simple, easy and fun – just send a picture of your recent beaded jewelry design.

Here is how it will work:

  1. Email a picture to of your beaded jewelry design – earrings, bracelet or necklace. Try to get a good clean picture so we can see the design clearly. Send a jpg image no larger than 1600px.
  2. Please include your name, email address to contact you in case you win, title of your item and a brief description or any special materials used.
  3. One entry per person
  4. Deadline for entry February 7, 2014
  5. After review of entries, our expert panel will select top finalists for voting, based on uniqueness and originality, excellent workmanship and use of colorful and diverse beads.
  6. Finalists will be posted to an album in our Facebook page for Likes, comments and sharing to help determine the winner.
  7. Final judging will take place the third week in February and the winner and will be notified by email


  • Winner will receive a coupon to our Etsy shop for $20.00 off any purchase, a feature on our Blog, and will be able to display the J.E.M. Award Badge on your website or blog
  • Other finalists will receive an exclusive discount coupon

Subscribe to our Blog!

Make sure you subscribe to our blog so you can keep up to date on future events, and comment below to let us know what you think! :)


Romantic Teardrop Necklace

Romantic Teardrop Sterling Silver Necklace

Romantic Teardrop Necklace

I have a great opportunity through The Artisan Group® to submit a necklace to the wardrobe stylist of the ABC “Bachelorette” TV show for consideration of use in future bachelorette episodes.

Once again, this was not a show that I had ever seen, so I spent an afternoon watching different episodes that I found on You Tube. It was very entertaining, with a variety of beautiful jewelry and the use of many different styles.

This necklace will be submitted for consideration, and was made using a large and unique sterling silver bead that I acquired from India some years back. I combined it with small Swarovski Crystal bead accents to form a Romantic Teardrop Pendant, which I then attached to a delicate sterling silver chain.

What is your most romantic piece of jewelry?


Bead Lovers Korner to Participate in Luxury Gift Lounge in Honor of The 2014 Golden Globes Nominees and Presenters


Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystal Earrings for the Press & Media

We are pleased to announce Bead Lovers Korner, in association with The Artisan Group®, will participate in an invitation-only luxury celebrity gift lounge hosted by GBK Productions on January 10-11, 2014 at an exclusive location in Beverly Hills, California, in honor of The 2014 Golden Globes Nominees and Presenters.

Our Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Earrings will be gifted to select members of the press and media at The Artisan Group’s exhibit. This event will be attended by nearly fifty media outlets.

You can view the full Press Release here:  Bead Lovers Korner to Participate in Luxury Gift Lounge for 2014 Golden Globes Nominees & Presenters


As Seen at GBK’s 2014 Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Lounge

These earrings are available on our website:

Carlo Biagi Coin Collection Interchangeable Pendants


Carlo Biagi Pave Coins with Cubic Zirconia

Introducing The Carlo Biagi Coin Collection, a stylish new pendant which consists of interchangeable coins that can be placed into coin holders quickly and easily to create a new pendant for any occasion.

Pendants consist of a Coin Holder, a Coin and the style of Chain that best suits your style. These can all be mixed and matched to create a fashionable necklace for any occasion.


Coin Holders and chains are made of durable Stainless Steel and come in several choices:

  • Silver Plated
  • Yellow Gold Plated
  • Rose Gold Plated

Coin Holders come with or without Cubic Zirconia stones and can also be used with a leather necklace for a more sporty or rustic look.


Change the inner coin for a new look

Coin Holders open so that coins can be placed into the pendant quickly and easily. There are a wide variety of coins to choose from to enhance your wardrobe. Collect them all and always have a different necklace to wear!


Carlo Biagi Blue Cat Eye Cabochon

Coins measure approximately 33mm and are manufactured using stainless steel and are also finished in the same silver or gold plated colors as the chains. The selection of collectible coins includes an assortment of designs and stones!

  • Semi-precious stone
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • and more!!!

Swarovski Rock Pattern Coins

Customize your necklace to match your outfit, mood, or simply make a statement to the world! Many coins can be considered unisex like these rocky texture coins and would be great for both men and women.


Carlo Biagi Multi Heart Coins

Comparable to Mi Moneda or Nikki Lissoni, collect all of the different Carlo Biagi Coins and be prepared for any wardrobe style! All of these new interchangeable coins and accessories are available at Bead Lovers Korner!