Make stunning bead pendants with old European beads

European Bead Pendants
Carlo Biagi European Bead Pendants

You can make stunning bead pendants with old European beads that you no longer want to display on your charm bead bracelet. This is a really cool way to display glass or crystal large hole charm beads.

These affordable pendants are made from high quality brass and plated with a thick coat of precious rhodium. A striking and elegant addition to your European Bead jewelry collection.

Stunning Bead Pendants

Examples of Carlo Biagi bead pendat using glass or crystal large hole Carlo Biagi beads

Everyone knows that you can only put so many European beads on a bracelet, so why let unused beads sit in a jewelry box?

These bead pendants will hold those beads that have been cast aside! Bead pendants work best with decorative glass or crystal.

Available in three popular shapes:

Compatible with Pandora, Chamilia and other large hole European Style beads to create a customized pendant to match your bracelet.

The Liberty Bell – one of the important symbols of freedom

the liberty bell
The Liberty Bell Landmark Bead

The Liberty Bell, with its distinctive crack, has long been one of the important symbols of freedom and liberty in the United States.

This 4th of July, imagine the tolling of the bell to proclaim liberty through the land! Listen to hear what it might have sounded like!

This highly detailed sterling silver Landmark bead is a perfect souvenir and addition to Patriotic or travel theme European bead bracelets for women.

This extraordinary bead has a large smooth hole and is compatible with all European charm bead bracelets including Chamilia, Troll and PANDORA bracelets. This makes a really unique gift idea for women!

About The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell location is in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Liberty Bell Center and it is one of the attractions along with many other National Historic Landmarks.

The Liberty Bell crack was not always there, but was noticed sometime in the early 19th century. There are several stories about how and why the crack formed, and it was recast and repaired until a second crack developed. That is when the bell was silenced.

This iconic symbol of the American spirit of freedom has been used for many purposes over the years and was even on tour throughout the country in earlier years.

Now the Liberty Bell rests, but it will always remain a symbol of liberty for all, through out the land!

Christmas in July sales on Etsy

Christmas in July sales
Image created by Bead Lovers Korner with clip art from

Every summer we have Christmas in July sales, but this year we are also participating with other Etsy stores having sales on the Christmas in July Etsy team.

Get Christmas ideas and special savings by shopping during this special Christmas sale held from July 1-12, 2015! There are so many great gift ideas along with special prices and coupons!

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Search Etsy for CIJ or ChristmasinJuly and you will find many shops involved in this summertime sale with special deals for shoppers! Even if you can’t buy now you can always bookmark the shop and return later!

Have an Etsy shop and want to get involved? It’s never too late to check out the Christmas in July Etsy team and get involved!

Where to find Kumihimo supplies

I have been asked many times about where to find Kumihimo supplies, which is a braiding technique that is often incorporated into jewelry designs.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

What is Kumihimo braiding?

Roughly translated, this Japanese form of braiding means “braided cord” or “gathered thread”. It was used in ancient times for many purposes, but most notably by the samurai as a functional and decorative way to lace their armor.

Examples of kumihimo braids
Examples of kumihimo braids, photos from Fire Mountain Gems

These beautiful and complex braids are made accessible to modern jewelry designers with the help of easy-to-use foam disks, spool-taming bobbins and other convenient tools.

Kumihimo braids can be made with traditional silk thread or any other favorite cord. A variety of kumihimo patterns are available, from simple to complex, to make your unique jewelry designs stand out from the rest!

These braids can be embellished with beads and findings to enhance their beauty on necklaces or bracelets and to fasten them securely.

Kumihimo supplies


Kumihimo Resources

Kumihimo Projects
Kumihimo Design Ideas
Kumihimo Braiding Chart
Create Square Braids
Create Flat Braids
Create Spiral Braids
Using Kumihimo Weights
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Summer fun building a sand castle on the beach

Remember building a sand castle on the beach and an afternoon of summer fun in the sun by adding these symbolic beads to a European Charm Bead bracelet.

The summer is perfect for taking time off from work to visit the nearest beach! Great family and childhood memories are made during this time of year.

Sand caste on the beach
Sterling Silver Sand Castle Bead

Building a sand castle on the beach

Playing in the sand and building a sand castle on the beach is a perfect pastime for both adults and children.

For children it is an important part of their creative and sensory development by exploring textures and shapes, digging, sifting and building.

Sand play is filled with wonderful learning and teaching opportunities, this article Making the Most of Sand Play by Early Childhood News goes into more detail about this creative play for children.

Bring a beach basket
Sterling Silver Beach Basket Bead

Bring a beach basket too!

Don’t forget to pack a beach bag with everything you need for this fun afternoon in the sun! Important things like:

  • Suntan Lotion
  • Towels
  • Bucket and shovel
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • … and any other supply you can think of!
Clam Shell bead
Sterling Silver Clam Shell Bead

Collecting shells on the beach

Finding shells on the beach is another perfect learning opportunity for children. This fun treasure hunting experience can uncover beautiful shells that sea creatures once lived in.

Teach young minds how to research for answers by looking up the different types of shells that you collected on your summer break!

Remember all these memorable summer activities with your beads! Carlo Biagi European Beads are compatible with PANDORA bracelets as well as Chamilia, Troll and other trendy Euro style bracelet chains.

To see more European Beads from Carlo Biagi visit Bead Lovers Korner website!

3 Reasons to downgrade my Ebay premium store

My Ebay premium store renewal date recently arrived, below are 3 reasons why I decided to downgrade my Ebay premium store to a basic store.

Beads and jewelry components used to sell on Ebay like mad! I was always very busy selling and making money on Ebay in my Ebay store. I did this successfully for over 12 years, and had lots of fun selling on Ebay.

But increased rules for Ebay sellers have made it not such a fun and friendly place to do business anymore.

Why I downgraded my Ebay premium store

  1. Ebay is overcrowded – For my main product and category, a quick look shows 350,000 listings on Ebay as opposed to approximately 51,000 on Etsy.
  2. DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings) and Defects – I was not against the Ebay DSR until the recent inclusion of defects and making sellers responsible for the post office or delivery services. Additionally, if a buyer asks a question it’s a potential defect automatically. You are much better off if the buyer does not contact you, which is totally backwards since communication is a big part of relationship building with customers.
  3. Ebay slow sales – Over the past few years the sales volume has rapidly declined, either from the overcrowding or the newest skewed search engine.

In my humble opinion

There is no point in paying premium Ebay store fees for sub-premium sales, while also being held responsible for things I can’t control (a shipping business and customer questions).

I did not wake up one day and suddenly decide to make this change, it was made gradually over the past few years as I watched my Ebay sales decrease while my Etsy shop and my independent website had growth.

Do I really need the Ebay store anymore?

Yes, I want to keep a presence there since some customers really enjoy making online purchases via Ebay. My Ebay listings will be a small portion of my top-selling items or recently found “treasures”.

Perhaps with a smaller store inventory I will be able to figure out the Cassini search engine and implement changes that will work better for the future.

For those Ebay store sellers scratching their head about having slow sales on Ebay, here is an article that might help to get your inventory seen on Ebay.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!