Carlo Biagi Beads Collection

Carlo Biagi beads are popular charm beads (also known as European beads or charms) to collect and wear on bracelets and necklaces. Each bracelet can be customized individually to create unique jewelry for every occasion. The large collection of Carlo Biagi beads allows for many different combinations to create personalized fashion accessories.  
Carlo Biagi Beads are made of the finest materials with persistence for quality design and craftsmanship which begins with deep roots in the city of Firenze, Italy. Carlo Biagi guarantees strict quality control and the authenticity of every item, down to the last detail.
How does it work? Choose a bracelet or necklace, pick out any of the wide variety of beads and just slide them on the bracelet. They are easy to add and remove and are lots of fun to collect! Also consider adding a clip bead so other beads stay on the bracelet when it is not being worn.

Carlo Biagi Bead Collection

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